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  1. I've got a 2004 CRF450R and I noticed some oil leaking from the left crankcase cover. I replaced the gasket and it's now leaking more than before. I've got the bolts torqued to spec and a little more. Does that gasket need to get hot before creating a proper seal or is there something else I need to do?

    Nervous track rider

    I have been riding for 2 years now but mostly trail riding. I am new to the California/Corona area and want to continue to ride during the summer. I have thought about trying out some of the local tracks, but not sure because I consider myself somewhat of a beginner. Does anybody know of any local tracks that would be okay for me to try?
  3. Here is my new problem. I took my bike into the shop two weeks ago for a coolant leak. It was leaking from the water pump. They told me the seal on the impeller was bad. After replacing it, they did the test ride and found it now pouring out of the overflow tube. At first they thought it was a blown head gasket. After doing a pressure test, they found that was not the problem. They then tried a new radiator cap, and still, it is leaking. They are going to try one more type of pressure test and the mechanic seemed sure he could fix it. He told me that coolant systems aren't that complicated. What else could it be??????? I am supposed to go riding this weekend, leaving Friday morning, and I am freaking out. I told the mechanic at the Honda dealership that I would give him a $100 tip and get this thing done in two days. Please help.
  4. My 04, CRF450R is leaking coolant out of the radiator overflow. The service agent is telling me it's because I blew a head gasket. Is this true?
  5. I just bought a 04, CRF450R. I have ridden it 4 times and then decided to check the coolant. It was empty. I'm not sure if I bought it empty or not. I took it in and the service agent said it was leaking because of a bad gasket on the impeller. They replaced that gasket and then did a test ride. Now, according to them, it is leaking out of the overflow tube. They are now telling me that I blew the head gasket, which will take another three days. Are they telling me the truth?