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  1. rectifier output on dc side 1.5 volts, i am going to put a regulator,rectifier on it and see what happens
  2. I dont really have a wiring diagram,the service manual/ owners manual just shows components and computer,this bike is fuel injected and doesnt normally use a battery,it uses the single phase stator and a large condenser for power.I will check and see about the dc voltage going up with the voltage regulator/rectifier hooked,i should see some difference if its working. THANKS
  3. 2008 rmz450 , it just quit like it ran out of gas ,i`ve checked sensors with ohm meter but i dont have factory fi light to check for codes.The bike seems to run fine with battery hooked to dealer plugin,its not my bike, it belongs to a friend of my sons.
  4. 2008 would not run,hooked battery up to it ,will run,take battery lead loose while running,stops instantly.Checked stator output while running at regulator,i am getting over 100 volts ac.The wires on dc side of harness at regulator show battery voltage with the battery hooked up.I did diode check on rectifier,seems to show ok.I think that maybe regulator,rectifier is not working? What do you guys think?
  5. The service manual says to check for voltage while turning engine with kick starter with volt meter and i am not getting anything,just wondered if anyone had tried this?
  6. Can you check this sensor with a volt meter while turning engine with kick starter on a 2008 model?
  7. Polaris

    does the one way bearing on a sportsman need grease?
  8. What would make the most improvement to a cr250 for cross country racing?
  9. What tire is best on rear for roots and rocks ,with mud also? THANKS MIKE
  10. Thanks,mike
  11. Hi,does anybody know what the torque settings are for triple clamps 2007, 250r THANKS MIKE
  12. Kawasaki

    Headbolts torque at 25ftlbs,seems really high for 8mm bolts,but that is what the book said.
  13. Kawasaki

    Surely some of you guys have worked on one of these?
  14. Kawasaki

    I am doing top end on 2000, 300 bayou, need to know head bolt torque,also valve adjustment settings,THANKS in advance
  15. Honda

    Found out,.003 both valves.