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  1. Hello! I need to replace the Karoos' on my '06 TE 610 - only I've no idea what to go for. If someone could recommend a good road biased tyre it'd help. I'm a a fan of Tourances but alas they aren't available in suitable sizes. At the moment I'm thinking of Pirelli MT 90 A/T mainly because they come in the correct sizes [21" F / 18" R] and look like they but a lot more rubber on the road. Thanks. Russ.
  2. Hi! 200 miles on my new TE610 and I've a couple of question - so if any of you guys 'in the know' could advise I'd appreciate it. 1. Bikes way too tall and I'd like to reduce the preload by moving the two lock rings on the shock body up. I can raise the rings 4" in total, by how much would you recommend I raise the rings as a first attempt? I could use trail and error, but as it appears there's no room for C spanners to swing it looks like I'll have to tap the rings round. I'd like to keep 'tapping' to a minimum so I'd like to hear of others experiences so I can gauge a starting point. 2. Anyone else had a leak from the gearbox output shaft - behind small sprocket? Thanks. Russ
  3. Hi! My first post and it's a question. I've tried searching the forum till my eyes hurt [really!] so it looks like I'll have to ask. I'm after a single cylinder bike that's going to remind me of my long gone Honda Dominator. It'll be a second bike alongside my 1100GS. Frankly, my heart's set on a TE610 '06 but a couple of issues are holding me back. I'd appreciate any comments on these points from more experienced hands. 1. The TE610 owners manual I've downloaded calls for a new conrod every 6 000miles. Since the bike is described on a Husky dealers site as a "Road legal, off road style motorcycle, designed primarily for the road but capable of moderate off road use" isn't a major engine overhaul a bit out of place? The manual also calls for a new timing chain at the same interval. I believe there have been some amendments by Husqvarna to the service schedule but I've not been able to find out what they are. 2. The same manual calls for the valves to be adjusted to .002" - both in and exhaust. That correct? I hope you can give me the answers I want to hear, because if you do it's going to be real hard staying away from that Husky dealer. Thanks.