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  1. Well thanks guys, but haha, why not just get one of those niffty looking steering stablizers?
  2. I was wondering what do you guys do to work out your hands and your forearms so they dont hurt or get sore so bad that you cant control your bike anymore. Ive tried those grip balls and gel grips to get my hand muscles up. But no use. ANY IDEAS OR SUGGETIONS?
  3. I just recently bought a new Big gun race series complete exhaust, but iam so broke that i cant afford a jetkit. (not that i could or want to jet my carb anyways) But if i run my atv without jetting my carb is that bad for my engine?
  4. Honda

    Actually hardrock is a very good track. its not for the weak minded tho. Their SX track is incrediable. And I can say anything less for their famous Water Tower jump. Also. They have great trails along with a sorta wide flat track with jumps in the rear of the park. Perfect for quads.
  5. So for all you MX riders..hey sorry my buddies tear up the track so bad that you cant avoid the craters..even if your on two wheels..haha..oh and for the redneck Iam not a redneck I reside in Dr.Phillips, Orlando. Um yeah..thats where my buddie Tiger Woods lives..yeah I have tea with him at my million doller home all the time.. But sure its cool. But hey ride on everyone.. becuz at the end thats all we have..BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP
  6. Honda

    I have a 05 TRX300ex, its an electric start. but the problem is that my electric start wont do its job..turn on my doesnt even make a sound when I hit the button..but when i kick start it..and the engine is running the i press the electric start button and it sounds like it normally would...any idea what it could be?
  7. Honda

    Iam over In orlando. I ride over at Lakeland and Hardrock quite often.
  8. Honda

    Yeah I have a trx300. I think the best thing you could do is exhaust. Also smaller tires help you with the low end. K&N Fliter is alright. I will do sumthing for your bike. Whatever you do, dont invest into just a slip on exhaust you would need to run on a complete system. Also wheel spacers on the front and back end help with stablitiy.
  9. You guys are A**holes, your the kind of people that mess up the sport.
  10. Man you guys are a**holes.
  11. Anybody runnin on any quads down here in good ol' florida??