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  1. pfd

    needle valve?

    i have a te410e and when the engine gets hot after about 30 mins riding it doesnt tick over and petrol pours out of the overflow pipe on the carb, i was told that it was the needle valve that needed changing. could anyone tell what i would have to replace in the carb to solve this problem? thanx
  2. pfd

    help please

    i have a 99 te410e and i need some parts (petrol tap & needle valve etc) and i am having a nightmare finding an online supplier. can anyone make any suggestions? i would prefer them to be in the uk but would be willing to buy from other countries. thanx
  3. pfd

    te410e seat

    hello there new to the site and after some help. can anyone tell me whether a 2000 te 610 seat will fit a 99 te410e? im in need of a seat and i can get a 00 610 seat but i dont want to buy it if it wont fit. any help would be appreciated.