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  1. Topar racing make nice one
  2. on the first ride i adjasted chaine 3 times and change it before 2nd ride
  3. mine was leaking from gas cap inseart brackes down in to tank by pices and it was splashing gas 40 ml of woops
  4. i have 09 since oct 08 and i like it a lot I did few enduro races on a stock setup and i hate 09 because 1 no electric start 2 stols alot 3 stif suspension 4 short gearing on flat open area and long 1 gear on tight technical rocky trails 5 small gaz tank now i have big gas tank 2,7 modified suspension ESP longer gearing 14-48 protection and cickstand and thinking about remaping and havier flywheel
  5. guys I have a question about wheels why SM bikes uses wheels with spockes(most of them) and street bikes uses alloy wheels any defference and why?