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  1. My winter project is over, , here is some pics of her(lol)
  2. Updating my bike a little this winter.. so far Ive put on a works pro circuit pipe and shorty silencer, 12` crf number plate and front fender ,black mudflap, renthal chain and sprockets and soon some new tires front and rear
  3. So im lacing the rear rim on my 04 cr250 and I cant remember if i should jump 2 or 3 spokes and tighten the next... isnt this different on a honda compared to the other japanese bikes (excel rim,stock hub)?? I also cant remember how many times you start over before you have checked all spokes ?? Last question, the spokes are two different lenghts, Ive read somewhere that the longest spokes are for the inner holes on the hub(makes sense), but Ive also read that the shortest spokes are for the sprocket side of the hub, what is correct ? any help would be very much appreciated ,thanks !
  4. Hello . I was wondering if a 04 cr 125r rear shock will fit on a 04 cr 250r ?? If it does Ill pick one up on ebay..... replies will be very much appreciated . Thanks !
  5. "I'm getting oil dripping from the exhaust (where the pipe meets the silencer, out of the rubber boot)" Just use a couple of zip ties around the rubber boot, that will do the trick.
  6. thanks man , Ill try again tomorrow , Ill try to post a picture too if I cant get it dialed .
  7. you`re probably right(MOTOPHILE) , but like I said , I pushed the lever real hard but nothing happened(looked like the lever flexed ), maybe I should try one more time ,but this time before I put the clutch pressure plate on ???? Is this a good idea ?? I`m really lost on this one, good advice is very much appreciated since I was planning to race tomorrow...
  8. I tried to push the lever inside the case up real hard , but nothing happened really. I opened the clutch once more and inspected the clutch lifter and the clutch lifter rod. I checked the metal clutch plates too ,and they were also installed the correct way,everything looked good. Then I put everything back together and the clutch is working now , but I had too adjust the clutch cable a lot, the cable is new(and it is the correct cable,double checked with the old one). Anyways , I was wondering if this is because the clutch plates is new and that it takes a little riding for them to properly seat , because right now the travel on the lever inside the case is a bit short ??
  9. I had to replace the clutch(plates and springs) on my 04 cr250 today. Everything went smooth and I thought I was done ,until I pulled inn the clutch lever . The clutch cable was so loose ,no effort pulling it all the way inn. The cable is brand new btw , and my question is what`s wrong? help is muck appreciated thanks and sorry for my crappy english.....
  10. great customer support ,fast shipping. Ive been a customer since 2005 I think, and I have nothing to complain about.
  11. The hammer and socket did the job after some tapping. Many thanks for the response
  12. Hello thumpertalkers ! I have trouble removing the piston pin on my 2004 cr250r. It will move almost 1 cm when I push it ,but thats it, it wont come out(the c-clips are removed on both sides of the piston:smirk: ). Is it safe to use a hammer and a socket carefully ? or are there any other smart ways to get the pin out ???
  13. so, how did it go ?? I have the same problem with my cr250. Ive sprayed on som wd 40 and im gonna try again tomorrow. hope it will work out...