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    hi help would be great as ive been ofered a piston a barrel cheap so i need to no asap please thanks
  2. hardcoredrinkingteam


    hi will a 125 piston and barrel fit on a 110 lump? and would it work with the 110 head? thanks in advance for any help ian
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    hi all

    just like to say hi . i have just joined and this is my first post. i do have a pit bike but its only a chinese copy as i dont have the funds to buy a decent one yet.a load of mates and me going riding around mate place they live out in the country side so its all norrow dirt tracks and big feilds. ive added a couple of pics of it as well. i brought it for 100 pounds of a mate, since i have onwed it i have done the following; striped it, resprayed the frame red, resprayed bottom half of forks, resprayed rear swing arm, new graphics, new spark plug, new back tire + iner tube. could only get a road tire at the time from local shop so it will have to do for now. how do i put pics up?