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  1. Thanks a lot.....exactly what I was looking for. You just saved me 20 bucks....love you hook you up with a cold one but you a little far away. Much appreciated.
  2. Hello, Going to re-do my fork seals soon for the first time. I need to buy all the tools, but 20 bucks for the "Fork" looking holder/wedge from Race Tech is crazy. Does anyone have one they could give me the dimensions from? It could be an aluminum one, just looking for the notch width and depth. I will just make one out of plastic material I already have on hand (cutting board). Any measurements would be appreciated.
  3. dl19

    07+ HID Head Light Conversion

    I found a Kit with High Low for $235.00 that has good reviews. I run mine on the street and dirt, so I need the option available even if I don't switch them back and forth. Now to just figure out the stator thing. and what I am going to do in that department. http://www.kbcarstuff.com/4300k_Motorcyle_Bi_Xenon_HID_Conversion_Kit_p/mc-4k-h-fslash-l.htm
  4. dl19

    07+ HID Head Light Conversion

    I know this post is old, but did you give up your high low beem capability? I'm running a BD Baja Kit on my 05, and would love to try this instead of getting a Trail Tech X2.
  5. dl19

    07+ Stator Talk

    Great info...exactly what I am looking for on my next 2005 WR450 bike upgrade. Has anyone used or tried one of the HO flywheels? What does it mean that my OEM is dual rated or dual outut of 25/100 watt? The HO flywheels are supposed to increase output to 150 watts with a 100 watt stator because of the different magnets. I am wanting to run the TT X2 (70W), and two scm16's (60w), Vapor Computer, and GPS in addition. I will deffinately be watching this and asking questions in the coming months. Keep the info coming.
  6. dl19

    Best Fork Seal Brand

    If they work they could be made by monkeys for all I care for this particular part. If I had equalparts and one was made outside of China then I would buy that for sure. For sure will be using Seal Savers for sure, but I need to get them replaced with qaulity before I protect them. The MOOSE is leaving the wolves behind so far. Thanks again everyone.
  7. dl19

    Best Fork Seal Brand

    Thanks exactly what I was hoping for! Anyone else? The MOOSE is in the lead.
  8. dl19

    Best Fork Seal Brand

    I have searched and been unable to find a very direct answer to this question. WHO MAKES THE BEST FORK SEALS??? Looking for just the facts on the seal quality and durability and overall life. I'm not a Kool Aid drinker at all, but if they are OEM then their OEM. If aftermarket is the best then please post of some info and background on what you know either way. Hoping for some replys from people who have tried several brands or even one brand with great luck regardless of riding style. No I don't think fork seals should be leaking every few months or less then a 1000 miles of Enduro type off road riding.
  9. dl19

    Shot of Ether / Cold Starts

    Ether is bad news unless you have some extra fuel with it. Have seen heads literally blown off diesel engines from some freaking moron pumping that in while turning it over. Have seen gas engines with blown gaskets, and spark plugs blown out because they were not tight. All were putting way too much into the cylinder. Some because they were stupid and some because stuff happens. Personally fuel should fire regardless of temp, so give it a couple twists, and if not that adjust the air screw.
  10. I wrapped my header just past the muffler junction with header wrap. Deffinately makes a difference in the felt heat both at the header and the exhaust end. Just rode highway speeds, and it would pop after running hard up to 55-60 if I chopped the throttle. Not always but enough to notice. Absolutely nothing else changed from last year. Re-jet, up the needle, or run it. It ran great getting 42-43mpg on pavement and 35mpg off road.
  11. dl19

    Riding My Wr 450 At Hwy Speeds

    Running a stocker 05 I think 14-40 something. Just did 700 miles in three days about equally split dirt, rocks, pavement in Death Valley. About 80-100miles of pavement every day. I could cruise comfortably at 50mph without revving too hard. 55mph was max cruising speed, and then I could notice the engine revs. Top speed in dirt was consitently 88.1mph on Saline Valley Rd, 88.4 on West Side Rd/Badwater, and 87.4 running down the ditch coming back from Badwater. On pavement it hit the limiter every time at 95.0. It would start to shake pretty good around 80-85 on the dirt, but was perfectly still on pavement. I personally would not rev my bike that hard again for 80-100 miles of pavement in a day. Guys riding with commented on how tight it was wound at 55-60. Going up one in the front ASAP. I used more then half a Maxxis Dessert ITin three days.
  12. dl19

    Hello PHX guys

    I will try a photobucket transfer pic. It was messed up, but I will see how it looks. This is the first stop pic where everyone was at. I guess it looks ok. So I added a couple more. Waiting for us slow guys again. Still waiting for us now even slower guys.
  13. dl19

    Hello PHX guys

    Dustee...I believe I may actually have some vacume packed and in perfect shape still. This is the low time of year as Salmon season ended in Oct. I will check and then 2nd day it down the first of next week. I won't have time today to get it packed up. Do I send it to the same address on the poster you mailed up to me? Well off to work and now it is 10 outside, but the sun is shining. I am about 5hrs from Hood River, but have family that lives in and around Hood River. None are MC riders, but one works for Oregon Fish and Game. I could find some general areas for riding in case he may need a start. There has to be some amazing back roads and areas down there to ride based on what I have seen from the PU and just knowing the area. Mountains, Timber, and then only a short distance and your in the high desert. Plus some of the best almost year round fishing for Salmon and Sturgeon literally at your front door. Don't know what he does but that is awesome country to me. Later
  14. dl19

    Pics of My Nephew's Foot/Ankle

    Amazing what happens in an instant. Local retired gal just got killed by a 80+ driver in AZ who had no business behind the wheel. He was retired like them, but could not drive for shit. Hit her right in the doorafter loosing control going straight. *** but that is what happened. Glad to see good ole American medical expertise at work. Have a little steel in me, with several of those external fixators being used. Glad to hear he will be ok, and hope he is on a bike soon.
  15. dl19

    Hello PHX guys

    Hello everyone from last year. Dustee, I'm Sean (Great guys), exmlbr, Solo (Insane climber with a pistol), Jaadog, harry (recovered from that slide on your back into the gully yet?) Navy Nuke (XR600 Flogger), Bennito, and every other guy who showed me a great time. I mentioned bringing down some guys this year to ride the desert. Well I got four to go, but they pussed out on your area and want to do Death Valley. Go friggin figure they want to ride a park instead of follow the locals. Well......I don't think the guy on the KLR would make the "easy" route you guys took me on N of PHX. So that is where we will be going March 26-28th. Anothe drive straight down after work, ride our arses off for three days, straight home for a shower then work. I love those 48hrs with no sleep then haul arse on a MC. Just wanted to say thanks again, and you have started the Desert bug in us from the cold NW. Yes it is a whole 16 outside, and I just spent an hour outside freezing my fricking hands stiff fixing the dog fence. None of you hosers took me up on the free salmon last year, but the offer is still good. Biggest one we brought in was 29#, no you don't get any of the Elk. Everyon still laughs at me for doing what I did to plate a WR, but they can laugh all the want when their bike is on the trailer. Later