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  1. Vally_Kid

    Jetting one more time

    any help?
  2. Vally_Kid

    Jetting one more time

    thanks for the welcome, I have been readying for a while, its the S, 05. This site is awesome by the way, great members who seem to know a lot, got my bike set up great thanks to everyone
  3. Vally_Kid

    suspension and wheelies

    you should really get the full pipe, the slip on isnt doing anything but making it sound cool and making you think there is more power
  4. Vally_Kid

    Jetting one more time

    I did a fair bit of serching but couldnt find exactly what I wanted and I know its there because I have the same thing everyone else does You guessed it, full yoshi, going to do the 3x3 mod, I am just under 500 feet, what dyno jet ket am I getting and what do I stick in there, clips etc Sorry for posting this again, I am sure there are a lot of people sick of anwsering this question by now
  5. Vally_Kid

    Dead battery-Kick start...dead as well.

    haha, would of been stuck much worse in the forest if it wasent for me...stock tires...wet grass...towing his ass...that was fun
  6. Vally_Kid

    Dead battery-Kick start...dead as well.

    you mean like where kicking it over wrong? That sure isnt the problem. Even if i only kicked it over right once every 10 times, i still would of done it right more then 10 times lol, and I know i am not kicking it wrong Demon and me kicked the shit out of it, my legs where sore for 3 days and i normaly recover fast He has a hot cam with no decompression, so that really dosent help He said he tested out his coils with a dmm, and it sounds like he did it right, i wasent there I kinda want to try my self, I am in electronic engineering and first 2 semesters was a lot of dmm
  7. Vally_Kid

    Dead battery-Kick start...dead as well.

    yah it runs fine But even with a weak sorce coil it will run fine right? The motors motions helps the spark along so it can be week once its running compared to when it starts correct? Kinda like a deasel dosent need a glow plug while running??
  8. Vally_Kid

    So now it won't kick over...

    I think your having the same problem demon is...I know we where both kicking it right, it just dosent want to go sometimes, we kicked are brains out, i thought i was going to take the kicker off the bike a few times...just nothing I am pointing my finger at the stator or pules coil, just not giving enough spark, have to test threw it though
  9. Vally_Kid

    Dead battery-Kick start...dead as well.

    I am a friend of Deman, and the trouble still continues It will run fine, but we are having problems starting, we can kick till are legs fall off and get nothing...other times it will go first try? Is it his stator coil? New plug in there, valves adjusted as well. Side note, this batery is 3 years old, I am pritty sure the stock one, I sudjested changing it anyways but i also know it has nothing to do with the kicker not starting. So what should we be looking into? I really need his bike running so he can show me where to ride!