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  1. Local Yamaha dealer thinks WR250 can haul my fat arse around - does it have enough power? He also said the WR250 is a lot more nimble and easier to ride - you don't fight it like yo would a WR450. Any truth to this or does he just have more 250s on hand than 450s?
  2. I'm 42, 5'11'' and 250lbs. I've ridden motocross as a kid, a sport bike in college, and a Harley in my 30s. Never considered myself really great at riding, just competent enough to have fun and not get hurt! Looking to start a new fun hobby hobby with my 24 year old son. I picked up a couple year old Honda CRF100 to teach him how to ride - it's coming along fine so we need to get ourselves some real toys for the So Cal off road riding areas. I figure he should be good with a 250, however, for me I don't know if a 450 will be too much or another 250 won;t be enough to hall my backside around. What ya'll think? 250 ro 450 for me? Also, feel free to pine about which brand - perhaps the one with the lowest power 450???? Thanks for reading!