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  1. lurch137

    Skid plate fitment

    Just purchased an eBay skidplate....the seller stated that it was made by RCM....It fit like a glove. A buddy purchased another eBay plate and it required some bending:excuseme:
  2. lurch137

    04 625 sxc front axle size?

    Thanks for lookin out, Derek !!...........Info is appreciated, as I am finding out more on the conversion by the day.
  3. Just bought an 04 625 sxc.......looking to get a set of supermoto 17" wheels to play with on the streets.....what is the front axle size on the sxc?.....also does anyone know if the 17s from a '03 525 smc would bolt up to my 625 sxc? Any help would be greatly appreciated !!! This is gonna be an awesome bike.....lots load of power !!