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  1. i had problem with cover also so i stood right side of bike tilted top of carb towards me fitted cover tilted carb back where it touched frame and pushed a little more till cable touched engine mount and i found enough clearance
  2. why not lap valves in
  3. just wondering what mileage you guys change your oil at with engine at 475 cc compared to say a yz450f which is changed in terms of hours.
  4. one other easy check but i might be wrong is see if front sprocket is on the correct way, can be very easily put on wrong way round which gives wrong offset
  5. what make or model would you advise if i dont want a new fcr mx thanks
  6. whats the story with the removable air bell i asumed the carb body was one piece
  7. i have same mesurements as you with talon hub and excel rim had 160 pilot road that rubbed and a 160 dunlop inter race tyre that did not rub now im using 150 pilot road for winter i reckon exact mesurements of tyres from tyre companies varies
  8. thanks for help i thaught all fcr carbs were similar enough to install my mistake , so rmz or crf any year do ? i dont want this problem again ,also would a new fcr mx carb fit straight in there with e model air boot or do i also need adapter
  9. sorry might not have been clear enough im not good with computers basically when everything is installed i have a gap of 10mm between back of carb and air boot. drz s with 04 yzf fcr carb drz e air boot am i missing a part?thanks
  10. im trying to fit a fcr39 carb of a 04 yzf to a 01 drzs , im having issues fitting it ,throttle wheel hits frame etc found help for that problem. just when i try fit airboot and subframe to carb i have approx 10mm gap and cant figure out problem i bought a e model airboot
  11. i used 2 wrap around handgaurd clamps and 2 L brackets to mount to bars very neat ,also removed temp light switch and took sensor out of black connecting coolant pipe and used brass reducer ,didnt want to cut or add extra joints to cooling system