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    FMF Q2 pipe

    Thanks for the replies. I want to put a system on the bike that improves the preformance but stays at or below 94 db. Doma do a silencer that they say is 96db but to get below 94db you have to fit a baffle so will be no better than standard. Is the KTM Akaprovik system worth the money and is this within 94db or does it come with a baffle to pass the noise test?. also what is the JD jet kit and how does it improve the stock power. I run a 40 pilot and standard jetting otherwise I find the bike is not as clean off the bottom as I would like, stutters from closed throttle,when you want to get on the gas out of a corneryou know when you crack the thing open. I think the way the standard silencer is made does not let the thing breath. I realise this is to keep the thing quiet but is there anything out there that will give me what I want before I go and buy something that just gets me thrown off practice tracks and out of events, noise is a big issue over here in the Uk especially noisy 4 strokes. Thanks for the advice.
  2. nickfox

    FMF Q2 pipe

    Has anyone fitted one of these to a 04 400exc?, are they better than teh stock system.I was considering the power bomb front pipe as well. I want to change the pipe but want to stay quiet (94db) for enduros as we are noise tested. Can anyone advise me which is the best system and what jetting changes I would have to make.