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  1. CRFkid995

    suspension company reccomendations

    If you live in the NJ, Pa, DE area, KPS does a good job
  2. CRFkid995

    Rough Start after a year and a half

    Wow, thanks guys...that's a big relief, I thought I was gonna have to tackle valve issues. I will clean the pilot jet asap. In response to Charlie C. The bike was not running long enough I don't think to turn it orange. Thanks again.
  3. Hello everyone. I recently picked up an 04 in seemingly good condition with 30 claimed hours. In talking to the owner who is a credible family friend I learned that he stopped riding a year and a half ago do to lack of places to ride and storage issues. So, he wrapped the bike up in a tarp and there it sat at his friends house. So here we are over a year later. He brought it over to my shop so I could take a look at it and try starting it. Little did I know the fuel in the lines and tank was also a year and a half old. Here I am starting to kick and kick and it won't fire. the next day the owner comes over and drains the tank and bowl of the old fuel and puts in new fuel. The bike starts right up with the choke on and seems to idle fine. Upon turning the choke off after about 3 minutes it stalls. Fire it up again and it stalls. I start it yet again with the choke and this time when the choke is switched off I feather the throttle and everythig seems to go just fine until I start riding around. It starts popping like fire crackers. Now that is my problem. it will not hold an idle and pops like crazy when I give it gas. Is this a valve problem or a dirty carb needle or such? The valve clearance was checked at 15 hours and were in spec. I will check them again but was wondering if this is a simple fix of cleaning the carb. sorry for the length but I believe it was neccessary. Thanks in advance.
  4. CRFkid995

    Hard Starting CRF250 (HELP!)

    Go and get a 10 dollar feeler gauge and a manual and do it yourself. It takes less than a half hour and u know that u did and someone else isn't messing with your motor. it isn't hard even is u have to shim. there is a sticky at the top of the CRF 250r forum that goes through this whole process (checking and shiming) good luck. also cleanin your carb wouldn't b a bad idea
  5. CRFkid995

    06 CRF 250r jetting

    Thanks. does anyone know what jetting config i should use? can i use fmf power up jet kit or is that just for bikes with aftermarket pipes?
  6. CRFkid995

    06 jetting

    I am getting a lot of bogg when i crack the throttle. I heard that jetting could help correct this. Has anyone done this or have any suggestions on settings?
  7. I am getting a lot of bogg out of my carb when i crack the throttle and i heard jetting can help correct this. Has anyone done this or have any suggestions on different settings?
  8. CRFkid995

    Valve shim indicator

    Ok. Is it normal for this bike to bog a little when you really gun it?
  9. CRFkid995

    Valve shim indicator

    Thanks. I am planning on checking them I was just wondering if there would be a way that I could have an indication of what to expect when I open up the head.
  10. CRFkid995

    Valve shim indicator

    I was looking in the stickies and could not find the answer to my question. I was wondering what the bike would do if the valves would need to be shimmed. ie: bogging, stalling. Please let me know. Thanks
  11. CRFkid995

    From Blue To Black

    Black looks good but you need a black tank and shrouds to complete it.
  12. CRFkid995

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    nice bike, thinkin of gettin the same
  13. CRFkid995

    06vs05,04 etc

    Could anyone tell me how the valve reliability/maintenance of the new 06 CRF250r compares to that of previous years? I am thinking of the 05 or 06 and am stuck.
  14. CRFkid995

    2006 CRF250r

    Could anyone tell me how the valve train maintenance of the new 06 CRF 250R compares to previous years? Is this something you could do on your own?