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  1. So I have had a few KTM's and love the orange bikes. A few months back bought a 690R with all the mods already done to make this the 690 Adventure KTM should have built. BUT ... 1 piston (original was out of shape), new oil rings, broken speedo cable and a fouled injector in only 1000km and I'm now not so sure on this bike. Harsh suspension, false neutrals, average gearbox (very un-KTM from my experience), and an engine that sounds like a pack of nails in a cement mixer and I'm losing the faith. But there's no other bike to do 400km dirt rides (50km trip on tar to the dirt and then fire trails) and have fun is there? So, what about a 500EXC with a bigger tank? Could it handle it? I'm not worried about the maintenance, I'm used to that on my enduro. I'm just wondering if the 500 can hack some tar riding to the trails and then a long day on open tracks like the 690R, but without all the issues/bills. So do I just put up with the 690R or can a 500EXC do it?
  2. The Ferret

    GPS Question

    I suggest any of the Garmin GPS 60 series. I have the 60Cx. Its compact, really robust (it has flown off the bike a couple of times and is fine), waterproof, and has an excellent colour screen for maps and tracks. Very good unit! http://www.gpsoz.com.au/garmin_60.htm#60cx
  3. The Ferret

    Black Plastics or not?

    aussie_450exc ... I'm guessing you're in Oz then. I was quoted $500 fom the local KTM dealer (Perth) for the full set of black plastics and the black sticker kit. Bargain.
  4. The Ferret

    New tyres for my 250EXC-F

    No worries bud.. Just make sure you update us on what you end up going for and what they're like.
  5. The Ferret

    New tyres for my 250EXC-F

    Thanks for your help guys Tyres are always a tough choice. Any advice is usefull. Going with the M12 on the front and a Bridgestone M402 rear (was tempted by the M602). I'll report back how they go. PS. Charles,with so many specific questions you'd be better off starting your own thread ... you're deep into thread stealing territory on this one.
  6. Did a 2 day tour this weekend in Southern Western Australia and discovered beyond doubt that the standard Pirelli's are crap. Had the front end wash out on several occasions ... tour leader has a 250EXC-F and said he agreed that the standard tyres should be binned. So time for some new tyres. Done plenty of 'searching' on tyre choice on previous threads. The trails over here are a combo of sand, pea gravel, loose shale/rocks, and hardpack. From research, peoples favourite combo's are Michelin M12 front and Michelin S12 rear Dunlop 742F front and Dunlop 952 rear As I've not tried either of these combos can anyone give advice to help me make the final decision based on the types of conditions over here.
  7. The Ferret

    Show me your 250 XCF's & XCF-W's Weapons

    Hey Dances ... that looks suspiciously like a trails tyre your running on the rear? If so, how are you getting on with it?
  8. The Ferret

    Skid Plate?

    What are you on about Dances ....? Part of the fun of the Hyde plate is refitting it. I've come up with about 4 different ways of remounting it. Most fun is 'loosely' sticking a bit of electrical tape to the front bracket and adjust to the required position and then when the bolts are in give the tape a tug and off she comes. This method required a bit of patience ... but is most rewarding when completed first time ... which is very rarely. The Hyde plate is excellent by the way .. mine has taken a few hits and is holding up well. I'll be sticking with plastic bash plates from now on, as they're lighter and quieter.
  9. The Ferret

    It's Finally Here!!!

    It looks so good I want to go buy another one. Patience my man ... it'll need 10hrs+ worth of riding before the suspension and engine are bedded in. It'll just get better.
  10. The Ferret

    07' 250 XCF-W Scotts or GPR

    That's a good point obgod3 ... and probably the reason why my damper is sat in the garage in its box. I bought my damper for the DRZ400 I had (definitely needed it in sand) ... but since buying the 250EXC-F I haven't seen the need to fit it ... even though I have the mounting kit ready to go.
  11. Just had to write a quick note on my new bike. Decided at end of ’06 to give up the dual sport thing and find a less compromised bike for the singletrack trails I’ve been riding more and more regularly. No more asphalt. So the DRZ400 got traded and after reading many reviews I decided on the 250EXC-F. First ride out was a revelation. So much lighter and as a result, awesome handling and amazing brake response. The suspension setup straight out the box was leaps and bounds better than the Suzuki. The power delivery was a lot easier to modulate than the 400 … I found the lack of torque low down made it a lot easier to ride in the tight stuff without being bullied by too much power bursting to get through the back tyre. First service …. Man, these things are so well thought out and easy to work on. You can see where all the extra dollars go when you compare the cheaper DRZ to the KTM. Quick and easy. As I’ve learnt to ride the bike my confidence and ability have improved beyond recognition. The bike is so light I feel in total control and am able to attack corners, whoops, and climbs …. where before I was tentative on the heavier, more powerful DRZ in case things got out of control (which they sometimes did). As I’ve got used to the bike, and opened the throttle, the bike has more than enough power to devour the tight trails I ride. I considered by the 450EXC but I now know for me (80kg) this thing has plenty of power. Finally set the sag on the bike on Friday and took it out yesterday …. It just got even better. I’ve got a steering damper (from my old bike) waiting to go on the 250 …. But up to now I really can’t see any reason why I would fit it …. The bike has been faultless. Just thought I’d share with prospective buyers how absolutely stoked with this bike I really am. Yes, it does look great, but once you get this thing moving it just gets better. Some of the best money I have ever spent! :ride:
  12. The Ferret

    Question about the oil screens?

    My 4 slice toaster can't handle snotty hillclimbs. If you can manage to design a toaster that's good on steep rutted hills, I'll buy it.
  13. The Ferret

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Hey bud its that good that I emailed a photo of your bike to my girlfriend to ask her opinion and she told me to get the sticker kits & plastics! Too easy! She then offered to help me put them on! Say no more .... its the unofficial winner! :lol:
  14. The Ferret

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    I'm NOMINATING cdlabate's bike which I spotted on another thread. http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p...e/DSC00040.jpg That thing looks awesome ... so good I just ordered the black plastics and sticker kit.
  15. The Ferret

    The Tool Kit

    Started reading up how to set the static sag on my 250EXC-F last night and the owners manual tells me to use my 'hook wrench' from the KTM tool kit. I didn't get a hook wrenchy with my kit. Can someone please tell me what the toolkit is supposed to include before I call the dealer and ask for the missing tools. Reading other posts it seems that the static sag of 50mm that I've got is not to far wrong even though the manual says it should be 35mm. How confusing!!