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  1. 1996. I didnt take any gears off. I slapped the case together than seen a gear had fell out and put it back in, but the gears dont fit flush all that good
  2. I remember that. But I doubt they used any kind of sealant.
  3. I had seen these on a bike that Metzger had built on Biker Buildoff on Discovery Channel. They are see through clutch, waterpump, and magneto cover. Anybody know where to get them?
  4. I dont like the way these gears look, lined up and position wise. None of them fell off, except the short fat one on the end, but does this trans look lik all the gears are correct? thank you
  5. the difference between this engine and my Blasters engine are significant. I'll probably open the cases again sometime next week. thanks
  6. grr. thank god im selling this and getting back into quads when/if it ever runs.... no the bike doesnt run because engine is not done yet cause of b/s like this
  7. I hope this isnt a trans gear. Out of a 96 RM 125. I need to know if I need to crack the cases open and put it back in since I cant find where it goes..
  8. Sweet. thanks! I bid on one one ebay and found out they were different some how but I wasn't sure how, so I got stuck with it. I'll get it in the mail in a few days and see if its the same.
  9. So anybody know the difference between the two?
  10. Is there any difference in a crank from a 97 RM125 than a 96 RM125? Are they the same?
  11. I'd sure as hell go for that trade. But I havent rebuilt the engine yet, its still in pieces..
  12. Sweet. Nice to see alot of you are in here
  13. heh. I use my PMI googles that I broke off of my paintball mask
  14. Any riders from Indiana in here? I'm located in N.W.I., Around Schereville and St. John. Anybody close?