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  1. Rocky Trail

    Anybody got a 2007 WR yet

    Hey Greg, Do you have a part number for that kit? My cousin just bought an 07 and the dealer sold him the 05 06 kit. It definitely isn't right. Thanks in advance!
  2. Rocky Trail

    Stripped Pilot Screw...Any Bright Ideas?

    I guess I wasn't very clear on this. The screw is out, but the body of the carb is so stripped that there is no evidence of any threads left. The thread on the screw is supposed to be 6mm x .5. I ordered the tap and a new screw today. I have a metal lathe, so I have no doubt that I can make my own helicoil or insert if I have to, but I wondered if anyone else had been through this problem and could share their experience. (hopefully with a simple solution and a positive outcome) I guess my big question is... Does anyone know if there is a thread repair kit for this application? (helicoil or the like) And if there is how do you get it to start straight? Thanks for the input so far. Keep it coming!
  3. Rocky Trail

    Stripped Pilot Screw...Any Bright Ideas?

    The carb is off. Float bowl is off. It is so stripped that it is hard to tell where the threads used to be. The hole is at an angle to the rest of the carb, so there is no easy way to hold it straight to try to drill and tap it. The previous owner said that he heard that there might be a helicoil for it, but I have a hard time imagining it would come out straight. I need to check on that today. You say "be carefull" what do you mean? carefull of getting the right thing on ebay or on fixing this carb??
  4. I just picked up a 99YZ400. I haven't had a bike in about 6 years so I'm pretty excited about it. I am also impressed at the wealth of info here on TT. So far, however, though I have searched, I can't seem to find anyone who has had my problem. I got a deal on the bike because it has a stripped pilot screw. The one that goes into the bottom of the carb right in front of the float bowl drain plug. It has tiny little threads and it goes in at an angle to the rest of the machining on the carb. Has anyone run into this?? What did you do about it?? Or does anyone have an extra carb laying around that they would like to sell cheap?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!