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  1. censured

    How is Jennings for supermoto?

    Thinking of going in Feb but never having been there I dont know what I should expect. Is it better for SM than Beaverun?
  2. censured

    circleville oh, test and tune this saturday!!!

    Eric, the gates will be open at noon. I'll be there for sure and I think Steph will be to but Andrew cant make it.
  3. I am going to go riding at CRP on Sunday the 5th. I'll pull a few guys together to ride so post up if you can make it out. Its supposed to be chilly with sunshine and a high of 55. I'll bring my generator so hot chocolate and coffee are on me. I dont actually drink coffee so someone else probably should measure and make it:D I'll bring the coffee maker,coffee and cups though if anyone is interested.
  4. censured

    06 crf250x w/excel pro series hub question

    A freind of mine is going through this exact same process. Call FTM and talk to someone there. Talk to P.J. at FTM 760-732-3161
  5. censured

    Brake Light Switch on Front Brakes Question

    I believe both are required in all states. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/MOTORCYCLE-HYDRAULIC-BRAKE-LIGHT-SWITCH-BANJO-BOLT_W0QQitemZ140046011011QQihZ004QQcategoryZ35615QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItem http://www.spieglerusa.com/cfm/BrakeAcc.cfm http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Detail.bok?no=426
  6. censured

    Why can I lean to the left more?

    A video camera will work wonders. If you record your riding and watch the left turns you will probably see you are far, far from leaning way over. even though you already know this it seems to help to actually watch it. Get a camera and go find an empty parking lot and just start making lots and lots of lefts. It worked fairly well for me, not real scientific but worked all the same.
  7. censured

    Street bars on a motard????

    Any 7/8th bar will work with most stock tripples but the street bars suck in the dirt because they are not as wide as moto bars.
  8. censured

    new castle motosports/misupermoto who's in? 10-21-06

    The daily Censured Weather Report for New Castle Saturday Oct 21 Partly Cloudy 60°/45°
  9. censured

    new castle motosports/misupermoto who's in? 10-21-06

    The Daily Censured weather report for New Castle Saturday Oct 21 Few Showers 55°/43°
  10. censured

    new castle motosports/misupermoto who's in? 10-21-06

    The Daily Censured rain report. Saturday Oct 21 Partly Cloudy 59°/37°
  11. censured

    Yz 450F supermoto questions

    +1 on everything Teamscream said. Culprit #1 tire pressure is to high. Culprit #2 your tire sucks Exactly, the roadrace tires have too hard a carcass and the compound is generally too stiff as well. Try a supermoto specific tire from Dunlop, Metzler or Michelin and go with the softest compound at 22-24 psi cold. I was fighting with this exact same issue for a while and it went away with some new rubber. Remember that the front end on these bikes is extremely light and the seating position doesnt make that any better. Try sitting alot closer to the tank through the corners and see if that helps a bit. I definitely dont want to sound like a know it all, its just that I was fighting with this same issue for so long. When I was running at Mid-OH it was the worst ever. I believe because of the corner speeds involved at the big tracks it just exacerbates the problem. I increased compression in the rear and it did help some that day. Thermosman is about the best in the biz but unfortunately he doesnt have any experience in supermoto, but boy do I wish he did. My bike has been lowered front and rear and revalved for supermoto so my numbers are not going to jive with your stock stuff but this is what I am running. PR2 did all the work forks: comp 12 reb 11 oil 120mm 7wt .49 springs I weigh 185 with gear I cant remember the rear off the top but I can post it later. Hopefully this helps somewhat because I am still trying to sort this all out everytime I am at the track and there doesnt seem to be any supermoto suspension 'experts' that are accessible yet. BTW- I havent ridden my RC51 at the track since I took the yz one fatefull day in April its a sickness...
  12. censured

    Supermotojunkie Hijacked?

    its been working all day for me. Thats strange, maybe you should try to clear your cookies out and see if that helps.
  13. censured

    Burned...? or ne one good at "backing it in"

    I'm in the process of learning as well. What has helped me thus far is just downshifting two gears and slipping the clutch. I can get the rear to slide out but it does start to come back in line, so my next step is to start adding some rear brake. In my opinion it is best to work in steps until your comfortable with each step then you can add another step and it starts to come together. It took me all day just to get used to banging down two gears and having the rear slide way out. You definitely get on the brakes alot later because the clutch action with the rear sliding out really slows you down alot so your old brake markers are worthless now two gears down made a huge difference, just make sure your running toward the top of the gear your in before you bang down two gears. Hope this makes sense and helps a bit, it is definitely not easy to learn if your not used to riding motorcross. I think that is why I have put it off until recently.
  14. censured

    new castle motosports/misupermoto who's in? 10-21-06

    Barring ay nuclear strikes, I'm in.
  15. Hey guys, were riding again at CRP tomorrow. Weather should be real nice, dirt should be all dried out too. Right now there are only 5 of us so the track should be fairly open.