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  1. Purchased mine from Willows Motorports in Cheshire. They were fair with the price (not the lowest) and gave 10% off parts & accessories for 1 year. They are a nice group of people and I also prefer to support the local businesses so it was an easy choice for me.
  2. JayM

    Bubba's engine lock crash

    Wow, that is crazy! You can see front end dive down quickly when the engine locks up.
  3. They are called Ready Filter. Here is the website www.readyracing.com.
  4. Rocky Hill mx track is just south of Hartford. Not sure when you plan on coming to CT but the track is currently closed due to flooding from the CT River. Should open back up in the next week though. If you are going to be in Hartford I would DEFINITELY check it out. Day Rider fee is reasonable too at $25/weekdays and $30/weekends.
  5. Hopefully it will open back up soon! The track has been hiding under the CT River since all that rain a couple of weeks ago. I want to ride!!!!
  6. Installing a Steahly flywheel weight on my '06 KX250 and was wondering if someone with a factory service manual could tell me the torque spec on the crankshaft nut? Steahly says to torque to approx. 42 lb.ft. but I was hoping to get a precise number from the Kawi manual if possible. Thanks! Jay
  7. JayM


    CT forecast calls for rain through NEXT sunday! How depressing.
  8. JayM

    MX in CT

    Rocky Hill is a fun track. You will love it.
  9. JayM

    KX250 exhaust question

    Good point Bandit9, my question was more focused on the performance aspect and I overlooked the point you bring up. The Gnarly is FMF right? I wonder if that is the equivelant of the PC Platinum2 pipe I was looking at.
  10. JayM

    anyone up for lembo lake?

    Mostly rocks you just ride over, there are just lots of them. You defintely need to pay attention though because there are some larger ones that will really push the front wheel out on you. The mx track is really just a series of turns which is a lot of fun but it is FAR from an mx track so don't be fooled by the description on the website. Overall, I had a blast like I said in my earlier post, but can see how more experienced riders might be dissapointed with the place. You need to go and judge for yourself. Report back with your impressions. Jay
  11. JayM

    KX250 exhaust question

    Thanks for the feedback so far. I'm going to install the 9oz. weight before doing the exhaust so I can feel what kind of difference it makes on its own. project_mx_37: What pro circuit pipe and muffler did you get? platinum2? Definitely keep me posted.
  12. JayM

    anyone up for lembo lake?

    I was riding there yesterday and had a great time. There was a pretty equal mix of bikes and quads. Definitely rocky and there was a bit of confusion on the direction of the trails but I still had a blast. I am a new rider so everything to me is a challenge but I guess I could see how an experienced rider (or racer) would get kind of bored.
  13. I have a 2006 KX250 and will do mostly trail riding with an occasional trip to the mx track. I ordered a 9oz. Steahly flywheel weight to help the bike perform better on the trails but was wondering if changing the exhaust would make a noticable difference as well. It's a more expensive part so I would like to hear some thoughts and opinions from those who have done this before spending the money. Specifically, what did you buy, for what purpose, and did it meet your expectations? Jay
  14. JayM

    EVS BJ22 Fitment?

    Was just going to edit my reply to you and deleted instead. Anyways, I actually have the XXXL like you ordered and my chest measurement is 47" so on the higher range for that size.
  15. I recently purchased an EVS BJ22 ballistic jersey and was curious about fitment from others who own this piece. I ordered mine according to chest measurement per the website but it feels loose to me in certain places. For example the shoulder pads don't hang perfectly on shoulder and the the straps for the elbow guards do not allow for a snug fit (they move around quite a bit). The chest area is perfect though so going to a smaller size will not work. I've never used this type of pressure suit so I was curious to know if this is how the general fitment is supposed to be. Comments from those who wear similar types of pressure suits are welcome too. Thanks. Jay