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  1. I brought my WR home last weekend, and while I haven't had it out to the desert yet, I have had the chance to take it for a spin close to home (Some streets, a bit of dirt but nothing exciting) My first impression was incredibly good, I am very happy at this point. I spent a lot of time reading on these boards before making my final decision, I also talked to a couple of dealers which where very informative.
  2. AgentZ

    YZ450F or WR450???

    My strategy when making any large purchase is to shop around. With the bike as with my cars, I found the lowest price I could find for a new bike in the cycle trader and online, I then wrote a generic e-mail asking about 14 different dealerships if they could beat that low price. I got about 5 responses, of those the best deal was from Bert's Mega Mall in Azusa for $6499 out the door. If you are thinking about buying I will give you my sales guys information, he was extremely helpful and got me a pretty good deal with very little hassle.
  3. AgentZ

    YZ450F or WR450???

    To all who posted to my question. I want to thank everybody for some good advice, this was not an easy decision. I picked up my 06 WR450 This morning and took it for a short ride as soon as I got it off my truck. I am extremely happy and can't wait to get some of the free mods done because the bike even bone stock shows some very great promise.
  4. Anybody in SoCal Interested in a TTR230? It is a 2005 with about 10 hours on it. I will cut you an incredible price... Say $1900? If anybody is intersted let me know zmoore1 at Yahoo.com
  5. How low will they go? There is a dealer in L.A. that quotes $6499 out the door for a 06 WR450. What do you think, can I get them any lower? Here is the L.A. Yamaha website if you want to check their prices: http://www.losangelesyamaha.com/yamaha.htm
  6. AgentZ

    YZ450F or WR450???

    I never really ride on roads, just out in the desert. Based on what I am hearing I am start to sway towards the YZ. The weight of the WR has been one of the big draw backs to going that way, but the electric start sure would be nice.
  7. AgentZ

    First ride with Rekluse, WOW!!!

    What is the "Rekluse"
  8. AgentZ

    YZ450F or WR450???

    I don't race at all.. other than screwing around with my friends and maybe running the sand drags out at Glamis. Which is why I am torn, it would seem that the WR is a better all around bike, or at least that is what I gather just from reading. I have not had the oppurtunity to ride either bike which makes the decision even harder.
  9. AgentZ

    YZ450F or WR450???

    I am torn on which bike to buy. I have spent the last four years riding a YZ250 in the deserts of California, so I am used to riding a "MotoCross" bike as opposed to an "OffRoad" bike. I am sure I want to make the jump to a four stroke I am just torn on which bike will best suit my needs. Like I said most of my riding is in the desert, I do split my time between hard pack and deep sand so I need a bike that can handle the abuses of riding the dunes while still being plenty capable in the hardpack. I have studied up on all the specs of both bikes but it is tough to make the final call. I will be buying something in the next week or so and wanted to hear any advice the forum might be able to give.