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  1. ATC Crazy

    New BRP pricing anyone? xr650r

    The Honda site suggests $6299. Do some wheelin' n' dealin' or trade in to get them down. Go around to mulitple dealers and see if they will match another dealers price. Keep doing that to see how low they will go. I got my brand new Foreman 450 for $5600...retail was $6300.
  2. ATC Crazy

    Where can I talk about quads?

    Quads are a lot safer than a DB with evenly skilled riders. For your wife, a 250ex will be great. But if she is the kind of person that gets used to something pretty quick, then she might become bored with it. If so...the Yamaha Warrior/Raptor 350 and the Honda 300-400EX would be a great choice. 6 speed and 5 speed manual clutch. For the 7 y/o, if she has never been around them, or is not mecnanically/physically inclined, then stick with at least a Honda TRX90 or Raptor 80. If you think she will out-grow it too fast, I think Yamaha still makes the Breeze 125. For the 5 y/o, a 50 would be great, and even a 80-90cc would be good. But whatever you do...DO NOT get one of thoes cheap Chinese models!!!!!! They are nothing but a money-pit. Parts break every ride, and are very hard to find replacements for! They're the biggest POS's you could imagine...
  3. ATC Crazy

    XR650R good for trails?

    I did a search and didnt find anything usefull.... So, is a XR650R good for 95% trail riding? Not tight, technical trails, but ones that are open (2 "quad-widths"). I have been looking at the 450X and WR450F...but they are $700 more than the XR-R, and not as reliable from what I've been told (more of a racing motor). I'm a big guy at 6'5" 270lbs...so I need a bike that will fit me well...and one that I might ride on the street later on down the road. I can handle one fine...I've ridden almost every quad/trike out there, and a handfull of 125's, 450's, and a 600R....
  4. ATC Crazy

    Why the quad hatred?

    Nope...not joking. And, well, I used to have a mullet
  5. ATC Crazy

    Why the quad hatred?

    I hate people who ride 2 AND 4 wheelers.... Im a 3wheeler guy myself. They are like quads at low speeds, a dirtbike at higher speeds, and a combination of the two at medium speeds. It definately takes a defferent skill to ride one. BTW: That first sentence was a joke
  6. ATC Crazy

    Which bike would be good for me?

    Thanks guys. I will be checking on the 426 and WR450 more closely now. A 2-stroke is out of the question for now...I never really liked them for trail riding. Any more comments are welcome...
  7. ATC Crazy

    Vans-GMC or Ford

    My dad had an E350 company van with the 7.3L PSD in it, and it was great. It weighed 9,000lbs loaded (at the time, he was a forklift repair-man) and he got 18-19mpg in a combination of city/highway. He also had one with the V10 in it, and it had plenty of power and was getting around 15-16mpg with it. Neither one was in the shop for anything but basic maintenance in the 3 years he drove them. The E350 gets my vote hands down!
  8. Hey ya'll. I used to be a member here a couple years ago, but forgot my user name/password, so I had to make a new one. I've been riding ATV's for the past 7 years, and I want to get back into dirtbikes. I've got plenty of experience with them...but havent owned one since I was 11 (Im almost 19 now). Im 6'5" 275lbs if that helps. I am looking for a fast bike for trail riding and mabey some harescrambles in a few years. Im sick of bringing up the rear when I go riding with friends. I was thinking about the YZ426's, but was told they need constant maintenance and are worse than a 2-stroke. I am leaning heavily towards a XR650R or XR600 and the WR450's. Would these bike's be good for me? I really like HP and torque. As you can tell...I like Honda's and Yamaha's (KTM's too...but they are too expensive and the nearest dealer is over an hour away). I'd like to stay away from the other brands for now. I want something in the $3500-$4K range...so that means used bikes a year or two old. Im selling the fourwheeler to a friend for $3600...so somewhere around there. Thanks in advance!