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  1. I have read a bunch of the threads about Hyde Development, some good, some bad. I have seen their 2 stroke combo skid plate/pipe guard and it looks impressive though I have also heard a lot about the installation and fit being somewhat lacking. Many of the posts I read here were rather old, so I am wondering if anyone has some recent information. Today, 7-19-2010, I contacted Hyde asking about my specific application which is a 2005 KTM 300EXC with a Gnarly pipe and I was informed that I should use application #HP-EXG-59 which is, according to their website, for a 2008-2009 2 stroke. On the website, it specifically says that this application is for a stock pipe only. When I spoke with the rep, he said that they have done a lot of development work on these guards and this application will now accommodate a Gnarly pipe along with a stock pipe, but no others. I find this confusing as there is also a separate, different part number for my year bike with the stock pipe. I realize that the KTM300 bikes are very similar for these years, but they are not identical. I really have better things to do than try to fit a guard made for a different application than my bike, let alone trying to exchange it and get a refund. Please don't respond with other suggestions like using carbon fiber or aluminum as I have used all of these in the past with reasonable success. It just seems like the Hyde skid plate/pipe guard could be a great product if it installs and works properly. Has anyone else been in this situation? Thanks for your comments!
  2. Was desert riding over the weekend and somehow managed to hit a boulder and break off the front brake caliper. I have a front disc/caliper guard, but evidently, this was not enough protection. The mounts on the fork leg are OK, but the caliper is toast. The rotor is stock size and I need to know what the best caliper replacement would be. Anybody got an stock used front brake caliper for sale for a 2000 WR400?
  3. 2tall2tall

    replacing cylinder gasket

    I agree with 642MX that copper coat is AWESOME on head and just about any other type of gasket, but it is made by K&W products, not Permatex, and is available at most NAPA stores. I prefer the aerosol spray can but it is also available in a can with an applicator. If you don't want leaking gaskets, this is the stuff to use.
  4. 2tall2tall

    Info needed on WR 400 wheels.

    The 2000 WR400 rear wheel will not easily fit on a 2002 WR400. It has a different diameter brake disc, will require custom spacers and will have chain alignment problems. I have both models thinking that the parts would be a simple interchange and was sadly mistaken. I am definitely interested in your 2000WR wheels. Send me a personal message with your information.
  5. 2tall2tall

    What Is The Best Sub Mount For 2002 Wr426?

    Questions: 1.) Is it possible to still use my old Scotts triple clamp, or do I need to get a new style. 2.) Which unit has adjustable forward reach for the handlebars?
  6. 2tall2tall

    What Is The Best Sub Mount For 2002 Wr426?

    Dan, good to hear from you...it's been a long time! Didn't ride with the ol' man this year as I broke a few ribs just before the 1000. Tell me more about his set-up.
  7. 2tall2tall

    What Is The Best Sub Mount For 2002 Wr426?

    Sounds good. Has anybody used any other brands? I'll check the other thread. BTW: Do you use hand guards? Do they attach to the triple tree or clamp to the handlebar?
  8. I have been searching the threads about the various sub mount applications and the popular ones are the Scotts or BRP units. My question is now that some time has passed since these came on the market, which one is better? I really need the height since I am 6'5" tall. I have the conventional Scotts top triple clamp on my other WR with the Scotts stabilizer and pro taper bars and it is sweet, but I want to set my other bike up with even more height. Additionally, I will be mounting a Panoram (trailtech). What is the hot set up? Prices? Where did you purchase it from? Thanks in advance!!
  9. I have a stock tank from a 99 YZ. contact me at: atroche@cox.net
  10. 2tall2tall

    ok all u wr450 owners

    I've got 8300 miles on my 2000 WR400 as of yesterday with no problems of any type. Just change the oil every 300 miles (Mobil 1 15-50) and do normal periodic maintenance. This bike has been ULTRA RELIABLE!!!!
  11. 2tall2tall

    2000 YZ426 w/white bros e series...NOISE!?

    I've got a WR400 with the White Bros E series tapered head pipe and muffler. it has always been loud but with great power. I recently restuffed the muffler and added a quiet is cool internal insert. ( www.quietiscool.com ) This insert is similar to the one White Bros sold for a while, but not as restrictive. Additionally, I run 12 discs and I use the White Bros 360° end cap. This end cap shoots the exhaust directly out the back of the bike in a straight direction and away from the DB meter. This alone is good for a couple of DB. A lot of people do not realize that simply deflecting the exhaust away from where the DB meter is held is a big bonus to achieving an acceptable DB meter reading. The bottom line is that the bike is at 96.4DB and the power is awesome. I am going to have the bike tested again soon, as I have put about 500 miles on it since I last restuffed the muffler. Over the years, I have restuffed the muffler numerous times, and I am paying greater attention now more than ever as to how long the stuffing lasts. Hope this helps.
  12. 2tall2tall

    Stock 06 exhaust sound decibel?

    Quiet is Cool Products ( www.quietiscool.com ) has some great products that might be able to quiet it down. I use their stuff in my 400 and 426 with great success.
  13. 2tall2tall

    Are the yz400 or 426 any good.

    I've got a 00' 400 and a 02' 426 and they are both awesome, trouble free bikes. Do the standard maintenance and they will last forever.
  14. 2tall2tall

    Seal saver boots

    Seal Savers are a great! I won't ride without them!! Hey Dan, tell the ol' man I said hi and we'll do the 1000 next year together!!!
  15. 2tall2tall

    Hard foam seat on the YZ

    I have guts racing tall hard foam on mine and it is great, but the only correct answer is your personal preference.