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  1. stevena198301

    Big bore kit for 07?

    Cool stuff! 302 is a monster. I'd be leary of that thing grenading with no warning though.
  2. stevena198301

    Big bore kit for 07?

    Dunno about a 290, but crowerpower makes a 275 kit, and a hopped up intake cam.
  3. stevena198301

    My 07 rmz engine took a dump

    I had to replace my cylinder, piston and intake cam. I got the stuff for super cheap, and it was $700. The powersports place wanted $1400 for the same stuff I replaced. NEVER keep a 4T pinned out. That sputtering is the rev-limiter... It's telling you to slow down! Sorry to hear about your problem though, for sure.
  4. stevena198301

    Graphics / Seat Covers ....

    Here is where I got my graphic kit from: www.locomx.com I dunno if you can tell by my avatar, but they are NICE!
  5. stevena198301

    Akrapovic Exhaust

    Have a friend who said the CHM gave his 06 KXF250 bookoos of topend. And it cost about 3/4 of the price of the others.
  6. stevena198301

    07 Sat for awhile, a little hard to start

    Fuel screw would be where I'd start. Turn it all the way in, then back out 1 1/4 turns. That should get your course adjustment. Then go in and out in 1/4 turn increments, til you get it good. One thing to keep in mind is that if you live well above sea level, it may need a re-jet. I know back in the day, they came from the factory jetted for sea level.
  7. stevena198301

    Akrapovic Exhaust

    A slip-on, in my opinion, doesn't do much, other than change the sound of the bike. You still have the problem of a bottle-neck at the header pipe. In order to really make more power, you have to flow more air out (of the complete exhaust, not just the slip-on).
  8. stevena198301

    07 Sat for awhile, a little hard to start

    Mine usually starts first kick, even when hot, if I use the hot start. I just get it to TDC, and give it one good full kick.
  9. stevena198301

    08 Transmission issues?

    Checked my clutch guts last night. All looked purrrrrrfect. Only have about 25 hours of slow lil ol me on them though... :-)
  10. stevena198301

    front wheel fit?

    Should both be the same size wheel. Dunno if the hubs are the same, but I'd guess they are...
  11. stevena198301

    Oil Filters

    K&N P/N is KN207 for both...
  12. stevena198301

    rmz250 vs. ktm 450sxf

    I've heard nothing but good things about the KTM thumpers.
  13. stevena198301

    NGK cr8e in my 2007?

    I hope so. Been using one in my 07 for a while now. I couldn't find the P/N of the one in the bike on the NGK website (that was back in Feb.), so I went with a CR8E.
  14. stevena198301


    Also on that (I was just reading thru, and noticed this hijacked thread...), fool was a "bad word" once upon a time... There is no such thing as a bad word. It's all in how you use them. If I refer to a dog turd as a piece of shit, I don't consider it bad. If I call someone a piece of shit, it is though. It is how they are used in a derogatory fashion. Just don't call your mom a bitch, and we can all get along. :-) I do agree it is very childish to use on here also. Only b/c there are folks and kids on here that are offended by it. Let's get along...
  15. stevena198301

    im kinda angry

    Verify you didn't put your oil filter in backwards. If so, you're pretty much screwed. Time to replace the top-end. I know this b/c it happened to me on my 07, with 1 hour on it... :-(