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  1. so bought this bike, 06 drz125, and it had the exhaust baffle removed, Sounds awful and would like to go back to stock can any body point me in the right direction to find one? or would like to sell me theirs out of the garage ? appreciate it!
  2. any thing you guys suggest changing other then the slide wear plate and o-ring and a new pilot jet?
  3. so this wouldn't apply to a fcr-mx kit from the tt store which is the Flat model correct?
  4. My bike sat for too long, and now doesn't want to run.. Figured I'd start with cleaning the carb but would be nice to know how things go back together any online manuals for the FCR39 ? And any reason why the petcock continues to drain on "on" or "res" shouldn't it be run by vacuum ? or have I been wrenching on other stuff to long? seems maybe it continued to drain and flood the carb all this time. Thanks guys!
  5. double post
  6. instead of making a new thread, revive.. my 06 SM is doing the same thing, won't dle, And just spits and sputters , Does any body have a manual for the FCR 39? would be nice to know how things go together. What o-ring "mod" are we talking about?
  7. well, Post whoring, but I Guess I stripped out the threads on the upper triple clamp Are there any after market options? maybe something billet? Cant see how I could retap the hole being that the threads are in the farther side of the triple clamp pinch area
  8. and are you able to get to the "center adjuster" with bars mounted ? or am I trying to fit something that wont fit?, I was able to get the bleed screws accessible But not the rebound adjustment.
  9. You think my top triple clamp is tweaked? Or the Zeta clamp that holds my bars ? I replaced the stock bar risers and they were bent, but my bars still Appear slightly crooked though they overall feel comfortable ..
  10. Any suggestions on this? It appears maybe my triple clamps are bent? My throttle side covers the flat head screw directly where is my clutch hand is accessable but just barely this is for both rebound/bleed screws I got pro taper bars..
  11. this is for a Motard for the record .. Chooken how much do you weigh ? and would you still recommend such settings for a SM as well as S? And I ended up making a piece to measure with an old credit card for the 5mm, but didn't think twice about a different setting ...
  12. Aloha everyone.. finally got me a new set of forks since mine rusted out.. When you install the fork tubes, up in to the top triple clamp where do you guys mesaure the factory 5mm spec? from the top of the "Gold" anodization to upper clamp? or from the top of the Bevel on the "Gold" to the triple clamp Picture for reference from google: ( The less shiny part is what I'm calling a bevel ) and above that it is obviously not anoizdized And then is this real crucial ? I'm planning on buying some sort of gauge tomorrow if any thing is open, So I know its accurate, just want to be sure!
  13. Very well put, And it never did occur to me. I will be scrapping the covers and already have a new set of forks on order Expensive lesson but a good one none the less. Thanks again every body for the useful information, best Forum on the web!
  14. lol I had JB in mind.. prices for the ones on Ebay aren't too bad, ill check the cost of powder coat locally and just see if I can get all the moisture out and cover it up! when I pull um apart for the seals, I will know if it salvageable I guess Appreicate the help every one
  15. Well, Thanks guys for the BAD NEWS lol.. yeah I had the whole light speed collection, I must say they all still look pretty good, But these covers are shiet for this reason pretty obivious that they just held the moisture and Voila! Also, Garage kept(not fully enclosed though) And for the record they are the "Fork Wrap" pretty pointless other then rock chips on the upper forks due to the SM shorty fender, so if you have um, Take them off when she get wet, and just throw um back on when you go ride.. Expensive lesson learned Now if any one has any leads on a good price for SM forks, Hook it up! $2500 from the oem store is a bit steep! Any aftermaket options that any one is aware of?