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  1. Nova1194

    Winter Hare Scrable/MX Series

    Two rivers would be my first choice, fun track, good prep. I don't think I would ride one at IMI, I am too old for those steep take off and landings they have. Jewell/ Watkins, I used to ride there a lot when I lived in Aurora, very fun track to ride back then. I would definitely go back there to try it out I have been to RAM/Aztec, good tracks but the dust is blinding sometimes, not a fan of going fast when I cant see, and living by Greeley it is far enough south I don't think I would make all of them. That's my .02, I missed all of last year with a couple surgeries, fighting a bone issue in my leg, was ready to go this year and was totally bummed when I heard the news about Berthoud. I know this stuff takes time to get set up, hopefully we can get in a few races somewhere this year.
  2. Nova1194

    Valley Dirt Riders

    Any discussion of trying to keep the hare scrambles alive, in Miliken or maybe me or place ? Man that sucks. Mike
  3. Nova1194

    Service Shops Recommended

    I know you don't want to bring your bike to the city, but I have never had a better repair experience than I had recently at Epic Motor sports. I am a mechanic by trade and do most work myself, but I have been swamped lately and just didn't have the time, Called and got an estimate for a top end job on a crf450x, price sounded reasonable to me so I took it in, bike was done a day early and under the estimate. The bike runs better than ever, no smoke and no leaks. I will be a return customer for sure. Mike
  4. Nova1194

    Winter riding denver CO

    I have never ridden around Rock Springs although I am in the area 4 or 5 times a year, don't know about winter riding there, I was hunting east of Dixon this year and a local rancher told me a story about an eskimo who wanted to move south for a warmer climate and when he got to Rock Springs he froze to death. I may look you up in the summer though. Mike
  5. Nova1194

    tail light wires

    When I bought my X the tail light wouldn't work either, no wires, I found this is common when guys install dual sport kits. They remove the factory wires and install the kit wires, they also tend to burn up the part of the ignition module that runs the tail light. I bought a service manual with a schematic and hooked it all back up only to find the ignition module was bad also. The ignition module supplies ground when the engine is running and takes it away when not running to turn the light off, the 12v supply wire is hot all the time. Mike.
  6. Nova1194

    36 spokes hub assembly for 450x 2009?

    Check out Woodys Wheel works in Denver Co. They have a set up that they call the super lace, a different pattern than stock with bigger spokes, they warranty it for a year that the spokes wont even come loose and very reasonably priced too. They are also a good source for aftermarket wheels and hubs. I have had mine for just over a year with no issues and I ride in a lot of rocks. Mike
  7. Nova1194

    VDR Hare scramble series

    Novice or sportsman would be good, there are fast guys sandbagging every class so dont worry about winning, just go out and have fun, the track is set up as safe as it can be, most all of the jumps are flat on top so you wont die if you come up short, a lot of guys sweat the start but I dont know why, even if you are the last guy to the first turn you are only 30 ft behind the first guy and you have 2 hrs to chase him down if you can. Bring a gas can, you will need to make a pit stop just past the half way point, dont worry about bringing a helper, there are always plenty of people willing to help you gas up. Wear a chest protector, roost stings, also a camel back is a must. Last year me and a buddy ran the team class, the team class is full of really fast guys and we didnt finish as high as we normally would in the plus 40 class, but we stiil had plenty of riding time and fun, and not near as tired and sore the next day. Get there early for sign up, sometimes the lines get long, and you can use the extra time to stretch and drink some extra water. Come on out and have a blast ! Mike
  8. Thanks for the info, I will have to stop in Steamboat on the way up and grab the map. we will be camping on slater creek just accross the road from long mountain, it doesnt look like the trails will be too far away. Thanks Again Mike
  9. Headed north in a couple weeks for some fishing/trail riding, will be northwest of hayden through California Park, camping just off of Routte county road 1 Looking for some direstions to trail heads in the area, not mountain goat stuff, but some good intermediate trails. We are plated so roads between trails are not an issue. Thanks, Mike
  10. Just picked up a titled and plated 05, pretty much stock, appears to be a fairly low hr bike, I changed the oil, serviced the air filter and took it for a spin at the local motocross track since all the trails are snowed in. Really liking the suspension and handling, but coming from riding a yz426 this honda engine is a pooch. I plan on keeping this bike a while, and since I dont know for sure the amount of hrs on it I guess I will try a new top end with a R model cam and a fmf pipe and see how she runs then. Also going to switch to a 19 inch rear wheel for hare scrambles and keep the 18 inch whith a trials tire on it for Moab. Does anybody know if a 120/90 tire will fit ? The 110 looks pretty close, What are you guys running for frame guards ? I found some carbon fiber ones but really didnt want to spend 100 bucks on them. I have read quite a bit about the valve wear issues on these bikes, I plan on running race fuel to see if it helps, I have a ZX-11 which is also known for seat wear and when I come home from the drag strip I usually have a gallon or 2 left over, I started dumping it in the ZX since I always get fresh fuel for racing, since I started doing that I have not changed a valve shim in the ZX for over 6 years and 25000 miles. Seem like the lead in the race gas is helping the ZX so maybe it will help the X too. Mike
  11. Nova1194

    Selling price for 2005 450x?

    I recently picked up a titled and plated 05 for 2800 bucks in northern colorado, all stock except for a good skid plate and bark busters. Mike
  12. Nova1194

    02 YZ 426 starting issues

    You didnt mention it, but did you just clean and oil the air filter? Mine did this once when I got in a hurry and put the filter back in when it was still to wet, the solvents hadnt eveaporated out of the oil yet. The filter oil clogs the air bleed orifices in the back of the carb, they are very small, I pulled the carb and sprayed out the bleeds whth brake cleaner and blew them dry, then it was good as new. Now I keep a couple extra filters around so I dont have to wait for the oil to thicken up. Mike
  13. Nova1194

    426 guys improvising!?!?!?

    Plus 1 on the Pro Moto Billet side stand, I just pull out the number plate slightly when I kick the stand up and it tucks nicely behind the side plate. A little while back I picked up a nice set of N-Style graphics off ebay for about 50 bucks shipped. Later Mike
  14. My all original 2001 YZ426 took only 6 kicks to light up last weekend, after sitting since october. Mike
  15. Nova1194

    VDR Hare Scramble 9-23-07 Round 1

    I used to sweat the sandbaggers, it really chapped me to see the same guy winning the same class year after year and not move up. You could spot them even before we started using transponders, when the guy who won the novice class ran the same number of laps as the guy who won pro, now they have just spread out more, I used to finish around 9th in sportsman depending on the day and who showed up, now I am down around 22nd. But I dont much care, I still go out and have fun, I still get to to have one on one races with people after the traffic thins out and get in a really good workout. If it makes a guy feel better to win even though he is racing 2 classes below his ability I figure thats his problem, its not like we are out threre to make money at it. I missed the first race because I was sick as a dog but I will for sure be making the rest of them, already have them on the calander so the wife cant say she didnt know about them. Later Mike