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  1. meangreenkfx

    Compression guage?

    OK guys I got a compression guage, can anybody tell me what kinda compression a 03 125 should have, and at about what compression the piston needs changed? Sorry for all the newb questions lately, I bought the bike w/o a manual, but I have ordered one, it just hasnt came in yet.
  2. meangreenkfx

    Compression guage?

    Can anybody tell me where I would go to buy a compression guage to check the compression on my bike? It seems a little down, Im wondering how much life the top end has left. Thanks
  3. meangreenkfx

    250x may be for me?

    I really want to stick with a newer bike, I love the looks of the CRFs. MrGadget, your post was kind of what I wanted to hear. Lots of trouble free riding with just regular oil and filter changes. I take it a 250r couldnt have went that long, is that a correct assumption guys, or are both bikes the same in terms of maintenance?
  4. meangreenkfx

    couple quick Qs

    Hey guys just a couple quick questions, what kind of plug is recomended for a 03 cr125, there is a br8e(or es, i cant remember) in it, but i thought I had heard it needed a br9eg or something similar. Will the 8 hurt it? Other question is where is the tranny oil check bolt? There is a allen head bolt that doesnt look like any of the others on the right side case, I assume that is it. And what kind of oil would be best to use in the tranny? I have some Suzuki 10w40 from my quad here that I would like to use if it wouldnt hurt anything. Its non synthetic. Thanks for answering any of my questions.
  5. meangreenkfx

    250x may be for me?

    I ride trails mainly, tight stuff about half the time and open about half. I sthe power comparable to a 125, because I rarely get out of third gear on a lot of trails. How many hours will the top end last on these bikes? Thats my primary concern. Thanks for the quick reply.
  6. meangreenkfx

    250x may be for me?

    Im a fairly experienced rider, coming off a string of two stroke 125s and a quick run with a XR 400. Currently I have a 03 cr125, I love it, its light, quick and turns just so easy. What I dont like is having to stay within distance of my gas jug and not being able to ride for 4 or 5 hours with everyone else(mostly on quads). So Im thinking of buying a newer 4 stroke. I was thinking of a newer 250f, but Ive heard they will all need new pistons and rings every 40 hours or so. Thats a good month of riding for me, and being a 20 y.o. college student, I cant afford a new piston every month. So Im wondering if maybe the X models are a little heavier duty in terms of engine wear? Whats the regular maintence schedule look like? Im happy to do oil changes every couple rides, air filters every ride, but I just cant afford pistons that oftern. Also, Im 6' about 175 with gear, would yall reccomend a 250 or 450? Thanks a bunch guys.
  7. meangreenkfx

    Thinking about buying a 2008 KX250F..

    So Im thinking about buying a 08 250f, Ive heard they are great bikes and Im a big Kawi fan, plus I think the Monster bikes are the sickest looking out there. Im just worried about the reliability and maintenance. Ive heard the top is end needs rebuilt every 40 or 50 hours. As much as I ride, that could add up quick. I dont race and probably wont, I will just use the bike for fast trail riding. Will I still need to rebuild that soon If Im not constantly on the rev limiter and roughing the bike up? Ive read regular oil changes and air filters help a lot, suppose I do all that as scheduled, what kind of time am I looking at for top ends? And when I do replace one, is it just piston/etc or does that include valves, cams etc. How much would each of these rebuilds cost? Im just trying to figure if I want to spend all that cash for a new bike then have to put 4-500 in it every couple months to keep it going. Also, Im about 6 foot, 170, Im not too big for a 250 am I? Thanks guys
  8. meangreenkfx

    Trans oil. quickie

    What model bike is this post about? Do all the bikes take the same amount of oil? And are the oil plugs right on all Honda bikes? I know there was some Yamis that the oil plug was in an incorrect place, overflowing with the wrong amount of oil. Im asking all this because Im going to change the fluid on my new(to me) 03 125. How much does it take and whats the general steps for this change? Thanks guys
  9. meangreenkfx

    White or silver plastic?

    Ive seen some of you guys with white plastics on your bikes, and I love the look. Id like to get either some white or silver for mine, a 03 125, but cant find any. Ive found some radiator guards, then a front fender, but that was at two different places and I still havent seen a white back fender. So, all you guys with the clean white rides, whered you get your stuff? Thanks