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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Thumpertalk friends, This email is being sent as a last ditch effort to retrieve the digital photos from the camera I lost on the big adventure ride I just completed. I'll be posting a ride report soon - 10 days 3015 miles through WTexas/Arizona/Utah/Colorado/NewMexico - on an old airhead! I lost the camera about 8 miles East of Page Arizona (LAKE POWELL), just off the South side of the Highway 98 on a sandy dirt turnaround. THE CAMERA IS YOURS, for whoever finds it. I just want the pictures on the photocard located inside the camera. These pics contain my first views of the Grand Canyon, as well as over 100 pics from my best camping trip yet, and would be a priceless treasure for me, should I be able to retrieve them. Below are the coordinates of the approximate location of the camera. N 36° 51.064 W 111° 20.018 http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=621627 http://www.bmwmoa.org/forum/showthread.php?t=48464 IF YOU KNOW ANYONE IN THE AREA THAT MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP REUNITE ME WITH THESE PHOTOS P L E A S E F O R W A R D T H I S E M A I L !!! BIG THANKS TO ALL FOR READING THIS SHOT IN THE DARK. -Chadley
  2. Here are Husqvarna pics from Burl's Ride-Terlingua Texas a couple of weeks ago... so fun! ...weather is still nice down here... about 70 degrees today.
  3. A buddy of mine just picked up a TE of near the same vintage. He will love this thread.
  4. PS I don't know how to fix your screen. I'll ask around and see if I can find out something.
  5. I think I have seen that one before. Did you get it from a real cool guy who goes by the nickname Skinny? I think he rides an HP2, now, if I'm not mistaken. Congrats on your purchase, you will love it !! If you ever see a guy on one like yours, but painted green where yours is blue--that would be me. I am in Texas too. Good riding to you. -Chadley
  6. This is from the Texas Adventure Ride in Junction, about a week ago.
  7. Thanks to George for advice on my 610, cool oldschool attitude, excellent service, and support of Husqvarna in general. my 2 cents -Chadley
  8. If they are still riding 33 years later, they probably weren't "old guys" when that movie was made. hahaha Thanks for posting the link to that old film, that was EXCELLENT, and makes a good point about the importance of riding as opposed to obsessing about small differences in performance between different bikes. I am as guilty of the latter as anyone, but the movie makes me want to RIDE !!
  9. Keep us posted... hahahhhaaahhaaa That is awesome.
  10. Many of us are interested in what you find out about your 610's failure... -good of you to keep everyone informed. -Chadley
  11. It has been discussed a couple of times on ADV. They will tell you to ignore the 6K recommendation to replace the con rod and timing chain, and just keep riding until it actually needs it. I hope you will post stories and pics from your upcoming epic ride!!! Good Luck!
  12. I am eating this up. I love the XR650R's, but am really proud to ride an '06 TE610. At the bigger dualsport rides, the XR's seem to be the most closely matched with my 610. Of course it is all about the rider when it comes down to which is most effective, but I am glad I am on the Husky. Once I am through with the seat, I think I might have the perfect motorcycle on my hands. pics forthcoming
  13. Wow! Ride. Very nice pics, dude.