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  1. murph429

    Thinking about a WR for my next bike.....

    i own an 05 wr250 uncorked, i believe it is the most fun on a bike that i have ever had, it absolutely pulls from down low, tractor like power is available when you need it and it is very reliable I got it exactly 16 months ago for my 15th birthday, and I have around 375 miles on it, but you do have to take good care of it and it will take care of you for a very long time
  2. murph429

    Does the YZ85 trully "hit" that hard?

    I moved up from a pw80 with three and a half horsepower to a yz85 when I was twelve, yes it was a jump but thats only because i wasnt used to the 85s clutch other than that it does have a hit in the upper rpm's but im sure your son will get used to it. that was four years ago i now own an 05 wr250f modded like hell and now that I think about it i miss that little beast.
  3. murph429

    ATV rider shot by park ranger in NJ ???

    disregard everything I have said
  4. murph429

    ATV rider shot by park ranger in NJ ???

    eliminate all those hillbillie f#@$s with every known genetic disorder, oh wait its an indian nation?
  5. murph429

    ATV rider shot by park ranger in NJ ???

    to me it seems like an inbred tart with an anger management problem grabbed a baton and then had some chunks blown out of him, to me the shot in the groin was best because it eliminates all the chances he has to reproduce.
  6. murph429

    Avalanche 2500

    my 69 camaro will put your vortec 454 to shame it has the chevy 572 crate motor
  7. murph429

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    well it doesnt look too bad, next time buy a damn yamaha
  8. murph429

    Another Homemade Video KDX 200 gets owned!

    kdx200 is a peice of garbage
  9. murph429

    Think you exhaust get HOT!!

    they have to use inconel for the headers otherwise it would be a puddle at the end inconel just gets stronger as it gets hotter, my uncle invented the stuff
  10. murph429

    best full exhaust

    i dont care how loud it is just want most hp increase for the wr250 i was looking at the DR. D full system i have heard only good things about it and how coluld you beat it for the price
  11. murph429

    best full exhaust

    your funny
  12. murph429

    best full exhaust

    what do you think the best full exhaust is to use on a 2005 wr250f
  13. murph429


    i dont actually know how a pulse charger works but i saw an ad in dirt rider for april 2006 , the exhaust is shaped like a circle, the ad has no website listed but the entire system costs about 550 dollars
  14. murph429

    Wr Or Yz250f Or .....

    uncork it and it is almost a yz250f and the transmission is better and the radiators are larger, if you have to get some hot cams, i have them they are great
  15. murph429

    Wr Or Yz250f Or .....

    i had a yz 85 and have a yz 125