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  1. mped220

    Possibly my first KTM

    I would have to agree. I never liked the chassi/suspension on the pre 2011 bikes.if you are looking for something a little older I would go with the yz. Even with the new bikes I still prefer the motor on the yz to any of the new KTM 250s. If you want a Ktm go with the xcw the motor is great for normal trail riding.
  2. mped220

    Cutting Down Bars

    I always cut my bars down to 30". I am 5'10" and it seems to work great for me. Every new bike/bars i buy i try to run them stock width and i hate it.
  3. The xcf is very capable on a track and the sxf is capable in the woods. I would get whichever you can get a better price on.
  4. mped220

    Opinions on SS Spokes

    I had a set of wheels built with moose spokes. The rear held up great, the front on the other hand broke 2 spokes before i got a mile from the house on the first ride. Granted the trails is super rocky, but i was a little disappointed. I think it was some sort of manufacturing issue because the rear is still holding up a few year later
  5. I have had good luck with EK, never used a JT chain
  6. mped220

    Yz250fx good or bad?

    I know 1 person that has one and loves it with no problems. The only reason i wouldn't consider it is i can not get a plate for it.
  7. mped220

    Grip installs

    I uses clear spray paint or hair spray
  8. mped220

    Plastic vs metal skid plate

    I have had plastic skid plates on my last 8 or so bikes. I spend probably 80% of my time riding rocky single track and have never had a problem with the plastic skid plates. I have had frames crack and dent with metal but not plastic. The plastic seems to absorb more of the impact whereas the metal transfers the impact to the frame. Either way you go you will protect the engine.
  9. mped220


    I have seen reports like that but then he says in the comments he is testing another set and they are good so far. I guess I will wait a few more months for more people to get time on them
  10. mped220


    Has anyone tried the TechnoMousse Bibs? I know they have been available in Europe for awhile and just came to the US over the last few months. I am currently running Michelin bibs but have heard from a few second hand sources that these are very nice. Has anyone used these? http://www.brapoffroad.com/accessories/technomousse-enduro/
  11. mped220

    Clearing over grown trail!

    If its really bad i will use my weed whacker with a brush attachment. If you can see the trail i will just ride it in with a group of friends.. For certain things i will use weed killer also
  12. mped220

    Grip glue alternatives

    Clear spray paint works great.
  13. mped220

    Chest Armor Questions

    the 5.5 will have more impact protection since it has the plastic pieces. if you just want roost protection the soft should be fine. If you want the additional impact protection i would buy the 5.5 with plastic. The little bit of plastic will atleast slow a branch down that is going to impale you.
  14. mped220

    Best Tire Mounting Stand

    i have the MSR stand. I just use tires spoons and a bead buddy.
  15. If you haven't already try to cover the bead in soapy water to get the bead to pop on