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  1. yes ive read the sticky.. but i was wondering what all i need to get the valves shimmed? do i just need to take my bike to my local dealer and ask them to shim the valves or what is this valves shimming kit i saw in the sticky? need some help wanna get this done soon. Thanks
  2. CcpmotoX

    Bike wont kick over..

    thats what im gonna get done tomorrow man thanks for the advice guys alot of help
  3. CcpmotoX

    Bike wont kick over..

    thanks man but ive dumped the old fuel, fresh fuel in, im getting a spark and fuels getting into the carb. because i can get it started if i roll start it. and that whats brings me to my next guess valves? the bikes been though some tough races and stuff ive pushed it pretty hard. i ahh idk should i get my valves checked and shimmed?
  4. CcpmotoX

    Bike wont kick over..

    hello please i need some help
  5. CcpmotoX

    Bike wont kick over..

    i know i know you guys have probally heard this 100 times but i was wondering what i should do. changed out the plug and all but the valves havent been shimmed since i got the bike in September. ahh i know but i dont think ive put more than 15 hours on the bike (broken arm). but any thoughts would help, Im not looking to replace the valves just yet.. tight budget but yea.