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    2000 Honda CBR929RR, 2002 Honda 400EX, 2003 Suzuki DRZ400S

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  1. S_Moore_136

    Considering new handlebars.

    i went with some risers like the link provided until i bent the stock bars. i now have cr high renthals. http://www.motorcycleproducts.org/drz400.htm
  2. S_Moore_136

    Air Filter Rankings

    I'm just curious as to everyone's opinions on the most popular brands of air filters for our beloved DRZ's. So rank them however you feel and give some reasonings for your choices. Twin Air Uni Stock Ready No Toil K&N
  3. S_Moore_136

    Synth Oil & Service Intervals

    Great analogy! By the way, I run Honda HP4 10W40. My intervals vary depending on my riding conditions. Lots of offroad = Lots of changes. Less often if more street riding. Never more than 800 miles if all riding is on the street. The way I look at it is this: I have a $5000 bike that costs $25 to change the oil. Man up and throw the cash down and take care of your baby. Or just skip some McDonalds trips and your oil change is free!
  4. S_Moore_136

    Are all air filters the same?

    Quick question: Are the air filters the same on all DRZ 400 models (E, S, and SM)? I'm looking at the Ready filters and it only lists the application as DRZ 400, no specific model. Anyone used them on a S-model? Thanks!
  5. S_Moore_136

    anyone running these graphics?

    if so, how do you like them? have they been holding up well? any pics would be greatly appreciated! http://www.factoryeffex.com/store/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=11-01438
  6. S_Moore_136

    Replacing handlbars

    +1 on the renthals. i dig the traditional crossbar with pad. anything other than 7/8 bars and you'll need some sort of adaptors. or a new clamp setup.
  7. S_Moore_136

    DRZ400S Mikuni 36 JD kit

    Thank You
  8. S_Moore_136

    DRZ400S Mikuni 36 JD kit

    By the way, I also have the Kientech Extended fuel screw. If that makes a difference.
  9. S_Moore_136

    How many bike have you owned?

    2002 Honda 400EX 2003 Suzuki DRZ400S 2000 Honda CBR929RR 2006 Victory Vegas just the ones I currently own.
  10. I'm just wanting to confirm the jetting recomendations of the JD jetting kit for the stock DRZ-S carb. 2003 Model, Mikuni 36, stock headpipe, Yosh RS3 slip-on, 3x3 with stock filter. Elevation = 500-600 ft. Blue needle, 3rd clip 155 MJ 25 PJ 2 1/2 turns fuel screw Did most people find this to be the optimum setup or should I try a different combination first? Thanks!
  11. S_Moore_136

    longgggggg loading ramps?

  12. S_Moore_136

    Gas Cap

    Will the gas cap from other models fit the S-model DRZ metal tank? I'm looking for something plastic without a lock. Thanks!
  13. S_Moore_136

    Help FCR Issues Now?

    if it was me, i would check and make sure that everything is still hooked up correctly. if that all checks out, i would pull the plug and see how it looks.
  14. click on the image link in the reply box and paste the url
  15. S_Moore_136

    Speaking of Seats

    sad but true