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  1. I got this guy to pull his ridiculous price of 1800 down to 1150......should i get this....And i am able to find alot of parts for it so thats not a problemm... http://phoenix.craigslist.org/mcy/132413584.html
  2. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/mcy/143064000.html Are these good bikes, i can get em for 500 each.....or 1000 for both
  3. cleon

    Are These Good?!?!

    http://phoenix.craigslist.org/mcy/143064000.html Are these good..I called and i get both for 1000
  4. What the main differece between the xr50 and the crf50 and which one is easier to mod,,
  5. cleon

    no muffler

    would no muffler mean more performance, because of less air restriction....or does the muffler regulate back pressure....what package should i use for my crf50
  6. cleon


    Well...i could get a ssr etc for 1099 the c4...but there is a deal in my neiborhood of 05 crf50's for under 950...i think the crf would be a better buy... and im not affraid to spend an extra total of about 700-1000 gettin suspension ..heavy duty auto clutch and bore and porting jobs done by eric gorr....using eric gorr would be a bit cheaper....and he can produce power..porting heads and cylinder job is $125 plus $30 shipping... SSR or crf50....
  7. Aliright i think im out to go buy a bike in a tmmrow morning and i need a little info.....i can get a SSR-c4 from my dealer at 999 and a XR50 for 1200....which one should i get and which ones fast or a more fun bike allround..i will be goin to the speedworld AZ soon just for practice and messin around and for fun outside...
  8. cleon

    SSR-C3 jumping...overall

    Also where is a good web site for ssr performance parts..
  9. cleon

    SSR-C3 jumping...overall

    Well im lookin for a 125 that is roughly under...1000 but is jumpable and overall good.....can the c3 be jumped and run well.....cuase thats been the best free shipping deal so far....i like ssr
  10. Wuts the differences and the up and downs on the pitbikes 50-125 cc...and which brands and engine types are best..i am about to spend 600-800 bucks on a local one and i wanna kno whcich is good..
  11. Ok..Ive herd good and bad about ktm ...and for suzuki...so i wanna kno wut you guys would say about it.....Wuts the average life of the suzukis and ktms..pretty much thier overall review...YAY or NAY this bike is in my area too..might buy...depends wut you all say does it go for all 125 or bikes in general...if you take care of it..correct maintinence the bike should last you long.. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/mcy/138602704.html
  12. cleon

    Wut Do You Guys Think....good??

    they range from 1650-2000 ....il just save up i guess...GRR
  13. cleon

    Wut Do You Guys Think....good??

    O OK thanks guys....i have about 1000 right now...and there are a few 2000 and up 125's on cycletrader..cause thats what i was originally shootin for............you guys kno how it is to want a bike now! but u cant get it so you beat around the bush and try to get sumthin quick.....I WANNA RIDE!!
  14. Alright im lookin to get a cheap bike...i plan on makin it look newer by changin plastics, gettin a stock tank, and changin chain and sprocket......i just wanded to kno if this is a good bike, and if it would last and be worth my time and money.. thats the link to the ad. http://adcache.cycletrader.com/5/9/2/82887292.htm
  15. cleon

    Ok So I Did The Math

    alright...so im runnin a 1998 kx125....it has a 2.2 gallon tank... using ratio right...thats 1,1/2 cup of oil..then dumping the gas ....shake shake ..and pour into the tank right?!?! any other accurate measurements or the old fashioned "i know it works"..will help thanks.. and wut oil do you run...