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  1. MUDTECHinc

    Pilot jets

    when i put the aftermarket exhaust on i can not get it to idle down. i am going to try a bigger pilot jet. i think it might do the trick. It runs good but if i put it in gear it starts to go with out hitting the throttle. the idle is way high. i have tried the air screw in every position and have idle as much as possible but it still idles high. i just picked up a 46 pilot jet i am going to try that. it originally had a 40 in it. I also think it needs a little bigger main. maybe a 160 or 165
  2. MUDTECHinc

    Pilot jets

    i don't have a cable issue. i put it back to stock and it was fine
  3. MUDTECHinc

    Pilot jets

    I have an Arctic Cat 500 manual shift 4x4. I put a bigger header and HMF silencer on it, as well as snorkeled it which actually increased my flow. seems wierd that snorkeling would increase flow but it deffinately did. I am at about 1500Ft alt. It has a 36mm Keihin CVK. I had a 40 pilot and a 155 main. but it idled way to high. couldn't get it to come down. I just got bigger pilot jets and main. It would run great once i got into the throttle but it just wouldn't idle.
  4. MUDTECHinc

    Pilot jets

    My problem is that i can't get my machine to idle down. I just increased the Exhaust flow and intake flow tremendously. It runs great but idles real high. I think changing the pilot will do the trick. If anyone has any sugestions let me know.