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  1. PumpkinHumper

    Finish selling me on the snowbike bug

    I have a 08 ktm300 w 12 timbersled short track. Last winter was my 1st time on it and I am totally 100% hooked on it. I love how the bike doesn't beat me up nearly as bad as a sled. As for the speed different in the trails I can hang with the sleds and in some areas run away from them. I can't wait for winter. Bring on the snow!
  2. PumpkinHumper

    Sudden Loss of Clutch Engagement YZ125

    Not every bike has one. Wasn't sure on yours
  3. PumpkinHumper

    Sudden Loss of Clutch Engagement YZ125

    Is there a ball bearing that is supposed to be between the end of the pushrod and the top hat? Those bearings can easily get lost on disassembly.
  4. PumpkinHumper

    Tomahawk training base? Any ideas?

    Peet road just past the staging area would be the best place to free camp http://goo.gl/maps/0V5Sj Weber lake campground has pitcher pump water you could probably poach or just head south to thumb lake and dive in for a quick bath
  5. PumpkinHumper

    Extra curricular activities?

    Mountain biking. Just like single track riding but takes a lot less time out of your day..can knock a quick loop out after work in an hour or so.
  6. PumpkinHumper

    Sudden Loss of Clutch Engagement YZ125

    I don't own this bike anymore so I cant measure anything. But the clutch plate has a thickness spec in the manual with a minimum thickness value. Measure each of your plates. They should all be about the same thickness and if that thickness is at or below the minimum thickness spec replace your fiber plates. Also check your steel plates to make sure they are flat and not warped (rarely happens) and not really black and cooked looking. If that boss on the stator side is worn thinner than it is supposed to be I suppose you could try jb welding it to build it back up. Otherwise you will probably have to split the cases to have an aluminum welder build it back up. If you try and weld it on the bike you will most likely cook the crank seal next to it. Or try and find a case side on ebay and just replace it. splitting the cases isnt as scary as it sounds. All you need is a $12 flywheel puller and a case splittter (tusk from Rockymountain for about $60 and some gaskets and yamabond to put it back together.
  7. PumpkinHumper


    My son raced a YZ85 for a year. They are a pretty tough bike. That being said I went thru 2 top ends a crank and clutch. But thats a full season of MX on a used bike so I guess I cant complain that much. Having said that if I would do it again I would put him on a bike with a power valve so he would have a little more bottom end. Say a RM85. IVe owned 3 yz85s though (bought to fix and sell) they are a pretty tough bike with plenty of good spare parts to be found.
  8. PumpkinHumper

    single track ridding in michigan

    I used to run one of these on my kids YZ85 so he had enough range to complete the trails. Might not look "kewl" but its better than pushing! http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/923/32529/Acerbis-Front-Auxiliary-Fuel-Tank?term=acerbis number plate gas tank Oh and don't ride Gladwin....EVER... it sucks.
  9. PumpkinHumper

    End of season ride in Mio October 12

    Hmm... I've been looking for a reason to take out the new rig!
  10. PumpkinHumper

    Late October Michigan riding

    lol.... yea I would of thought that also....and woke up to snow in tomahawk a few years back in October.
  11. PumpkinHumper

    Drummond Island 09

    I haven't been out there in a few years now since the quads have pretty much taken it over. Its still a fun ride but not what it used to be. I do need to get back out there though.
  12. PumpkinHumper

    grand rapids to alpena

    Devils lake is right there. Its wide though by the looks of it http://www.midnr.com/publications/pdfs/forestslandwater/ORV/Maps-Trail/devils_lake_route.pdf Id ride Hunt Creek myself http://www.midnr.com/publications/pdfs/forestslandwater/ORV/Maps-Trail/Hunt_Creek_Motorcycle_Trail.pdf
  13. PumpkinHumper

    Bike rental?

    Couple of my friends were riding up at Silver Lake on there bikes years back. Some kid walked up while they were at the gas station and asked "where can you rent bikes like those around here?" My buddy replied " You cant. No one rents dirtbikes here" Kid reply's 'then why does it say RENThal on the handlebars?" http://www.wolflakemotel.com/
  14. PumpkinHumper

    Memorial Day - Drummond Island 2013

    There is no single track on the island. We can thank the local ATV/4x4 club for that aka the Drummond island 4x4 club. The took over the trail maintenance a few years back and opened ever single foot of single track on the island to atv width. But yes it is a lot different on a bike. Even at the current atv width it is a fun ride. Just no were near as technical and demanding as it used to be.
  15. PumpkinHumper

    Memorial Day - Drummond Island 2013

    Groann............ I wanted to go this year. Actually planned on it. Was going to re-introduce my kid to what real off road riding is about (not that sissy downstate sand woop riding) and bring my GF along also for her first trip to the Rock. But a last minute blown engine on her Honda put the binders to our plans. That and we are way too busy to go right now anyways. So it was wet huh... Man.. I haven't been on a good boggy Drummond ride in years. I'm super jealous! Riding that place when its mucky is where its at. Its not hard enough when its dry... Adding Muck turns it into a survival ride!