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  1. kirk501

    First ride

    Congadulations on the new bike, I to have a 06 450, give it about eight hours for the suspension to break in. 48 pilot and the tee handle fuel screw and you are good to go, I would reccomend a o ring chain so you don't spend the rest of your life adjusting the chain. Once my suspension broke in, mmmmmmmmmmmm forget about it. Stock setting are real close, Good luck and happy trails. Kirk
  2. kirk501

    Fuel Mileage??

    This is a true story, 06 yzf 450, expert senior rider riding in Dove springs two weeks ago after the rain went just over 46 miles on stock tank per my bud who has a crf450x. The YZF gets the same as the CRF, the following weekend rode in Marino Valley in very tight conditions and ran 2.5 hours before running out of gas, per my other bud with an hour meter. I have gone 53 miles on my 04 crf, at dove springs, not always on the main but going pretty good.
  3. kirk501

    Promoto Billet exhaust tip report

    Just put the new style PMB on my 06 450, rode it last Sunday, This is my third PMB installation on three different bikes and every time it seems like it takes the snap out of the exhaust ever so slightly and kind of flattens the power feel. I drag raced 05 and a 06 crf 450 and we were about the same as before I installed the tip, so its more of a mental thing I guess. The new style tip looks and fits great, mine has a gold anodize look. The tip costs around $125.00 I hear they are making a diffuser for another $35.00 to keep the decibel rating under I think 92 or so. I bought a complete 06 exhaust on e bay for $75.00 so I can put the stock muffler on when sparky is not needed. I leave the pipe on the bike and remove the rear fender to drill out the rivets, to me its the perfect vise to hold the exhaust in place, I have also learned the hard way that its a real good idea to use a little high temp RTV on the seal, I didn't on my last o4 crf and had to re rivet it because it was rattling, looked like Frankenstein when I was done so use the RTV.
  4. kirk501

    Advise: CRF450 or YZ450?

    At first the motor bored me, my last 450 crf, had the 500 kit, then the motor broke in after about an hour of riding and buzzed up a little more, then the suspension just got better and better.as you can tell by my weight and stock suspension I am by no means a suspension genius, but it seemed like after about four hours on the bike ( 2nd or 3rd ride) the suspension broke in, I had my crf re-valved twice and never was able to get it as plush as my YZF450. I paid right at $7100 out the door (yellow) a month or so ago, you can probably do better now. The clock is ticking on all of us, this is no test life, its the only one we got, get the bike, its not a wife,its a bike, if you drag your feet a couple more months you might as well wait for the 07. Good luck. Kirk
  5. kirk501

    Advise: CRF450 or YZ450?

    New guy here, my first post, I have had two 426 yzf's and three 450crf in the last six years, bought the 06 yzf 450 YELLOW a month ago and the first time I rode it I liked it but didn't love it. I have ridden the bike four times ( about eight hours) and I can honestly say I love this bike ))))))))))))))))))))) The motor does not hit as hard as a crf, but it does have a bunch more bottom end and it really doesn't care what gear it's in. The pilot jet must be changed, no big deal, I lowered the pegs, raised the bars and I have left the suspension alone, 6'5" 240lbs, expert senior dez rider. Just played with the sag a little, bike is a lot more stable than the crf, starts good/bump starts good/top end is good/air cleaner is easy compared to crf. All in all I would recommend the yzf over the crf for 06, the suspension is so good it makes your you know what hard )) And trust me, I have been true blue honda for more years than I want to say .