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    Of course Dirt Biking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, shooting, camping, PC FPS games
  1. I heard it was latex paint on the wheels! Nice Honda, Yosbd117!
  2. His_Dudeness

    Aftermarket Plastic Recommendations?

    I went all black with a RMZ450 front fender and numberplate. Try motosport.com. They actually helped me figure out what fits. I built some brackets to mount the number plate out about an inch so I could hide a tool pack behind it. Works great. Looks better than the yellow, too. They have white side panels too. Now I just need something to kill the yellow tank.
  3. His_Dudeness

    rm graphics on a drz

    Got any pictures?
  4. His_Dudeness

    Poor MS Paint DRZ bastard concept.

    Makes me think of watching the San Diego Chargers when I was a kid. Try Photoshopping the rudder out too. I think I need to find a new place for my tool bag. It looks way better without it.