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    Idaho Panhandle NF Travel Plan help

  2. A very small number of folks have ever ridden the trails in the Upper St Joe River on the St. Maries Ranger District. I would appreciate anyone who might want to ride those trails someday give the handful of us a little support. The issue is that this is an area that has been proposed for wilderness...that should tell you what kind of a place it is. I have ridden every trail they propose to close since 1970. Comments on the loss of another group of trails is not big news and the BRC has told us that there are not enough of us to make a difference...not unlike the District Ranger did in the late 1980's..we prevailed then. Contact information: St Maries Ranger District 222 S 7th Street Suite 1 St Maries Idaho 83861 or email; comments-northern-idpanhandle-stjoe@fs.fed.us Trails affected are #69 Neversweat, #79 Elbow Ridge, #263 Copper Ridge,#279 Line Creek, #623 Beaver Spur, #629 Fly Creek, #631 Mosquito Creek, #73 Wampus Creek, #76 Sherlock Creek, Top end of Trail #80 above road #1216, #290 Washout Point, and on #30 Prospect which is located in the Slate Creek drainage. This is less than 25% of the trails they propose to close, however they are the prime loops which connect currently open trails so it is a compromise at best. Hope you can help...thanks!
  3. I recently purchased a 04 DRZ250, found out that Promoto Billet no longer makes that rack...I have tried multiple accessory shops and not one to be found. Anyone have one to sell?