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  1. DudeWayne

    Any rumors of an EFI DRZ?

    By this logic, you should yank your CDI and install points, after all, you could slip a book of matches between them on the trail to clean them up and limp home. Here are some things I deal with on my bike that injection would eliminate. 1) Altitude, some of my rides change over 6,000 ft. 2) When going over large rock fields, the floats bounce and the bike runs rich. 3) Wheeling past the balance point at slow speeds exposes the jets to air, making it sputter. Now I know I could adjust my carb to help with each one, but injection would eliminate all 3. How would you suggest I fix both 2 and 3 at the same time?
  2. DudeWayne

    6 speed for drz?

    Both gears would have to be sized to keep the shaft centerlines the same. These gears have cogs in the side for engagement that add to the complexity of the gear over and above a straight gear.
  3. DudeWayne

    6 speed for drz?

    I would guess the clearance on the drive gear, gear to case, would limit the usefulness of this option. In order to increase the ratio, you need a bigger drive gear and a smaller driven gear. Last time I was inside the tranny, it has been a while, there was very little extra space. maybe someone who has been in the tranny recently or taken pictures could tell us the gap around the drive gear and the amount of meat on the driven gear. These gears stock are cast, a new one would need to be machined. It could be done, but would be fairly spendy.
  4. DudeWayne

    DRS substancial WEAR at 35 ,000 miles

    I have the same issue with my passenger pegs, I have been thinking of welding the holes closed, then redrilling them.
  5. DudeWayne

    How can I make my sm faster

  6. DudeWayne

    Teraflex is no good!

    Where do you ride, Craters of the Moon? Mine has over 1000 miles now and it is like new. The knobs are a little rounded but not bad. Made the Idaho City 100 with very little wear. I have been waiting for it to wear a little more to balance out the traction front and rear. When new, it gets too much traction.
  7. DudeWayne

    metal vs plastic

    1.79 lbs. heavier, but your graphics stay on, you can lock the tank and the petcock automatically shuts off for you. Not a bad trade off if you park your bike outside at any time.
  8. I'll have to start making some plans, Sinker Creek is a hoot.
  9. DudeWayne

    No Compression For You!

    When you push the bike in gear, do the cams rotate?
  10. DudeWayne

    DRZ400 vs. XR400

    Could you expand on your reasoning? Are you just limiting your statement to the 2000 DRZ S supension vs. the 2002 XR? Aircooled only has one advantage, no radiators to damage.
  11. DudeWayne

    DRZ400 vs. XR400

    The XR would not be as big of an upgrade as the DRZ, that said, I would look for an E model and dual sport it. At least you have that option, you don't live in a commie state.
  12. DudeWayne

    damage while chaning magneto cover

    When putting the side cover back on, the rotor magnets pull on the stator core. If you are not ready for it, this pull could cause the stator coils to impact the rotor. If the insulation around the individual wires is shorted, that could cause the issue you have seen, especially if it was the sending coil that got damaged.
  13. DudeWayne

    stator replacement

    No, just pull the side cover off, it is attached to it.
  14. DudeWayne

    Link to DynaJet kit in TT Store

    I can't seem to find it anywhere, can one of you smart people hook me up?
  15. DudeWayne

    Stock forks, need more compression dampening...?

    The 00 and 01 S forks are damper rod. There are several things you can do. First, change out the oil in the forks, it 5 years old! I would suggest Mobil 1 ATF, it's about 7.5 wt. When you do, increase the level to 4 inches, stock is 6.5. The stock springs may need to be changed also, go out to RaceTech's site and use their spring rate calculator. I have heard good review on their cartridge emulators to upgrade the damper rod action. Alot of your handling woes could be comming from the back also, so while your using the race tech site do the back also. Preload on the back affects front end angles greatly.