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  1. kapp555

    KTM 525 EXC Valve sound

    thanks this is reassuring. it didnt sound like the cam chain it sounded like the valves..the bike has been rebuilt already once on the top end with 225 hours. Im just not used to hearing so much action on a top end. i normally ride dual sports.
  2. Hey folks I was looking at a KTM 525 EXC today and I am not familiar with the rfs engine. Ive heard tappy valves before and the top end sounded quite a bit louder than tappy valves. So question to you all is how much top end noise do these bikes make on average? My LC4 wasnt very loud at all.
  3. kapp555

    my custom ATK 406 graphics

    Looks good, I was planning in designing some myself when I got all the mechanical out of the way. Is your design copyrighted?
  4. kapp555

    605 ATK over charging

    Dont have a lot of advice for you. That sucks losing your GPS and the batteries arent cheap. Luckily, the electric system for these bikes is very simplistic. Did you check your volts coming from the stator? What relay did you replace the atk/aprilia part with?
  5. kapp555

    my 88 ATK 406 has a new friend

    Could that new one be more clean? Wow, good score.
  6. kapp555

    ATK 605 Question

    I found em locally for 2.99 a filter, under the aprilia badge. I rode today quite a bit, bike is running ok, but still needs the suspension dialed in.
  7. kapp555

    ATK 605 Question

    Thanks ride, Ill go get the bolts tomorrow and try and mount it up, its half broken..looks like a flimsy throw away piece. I saw the mount just now under the tank.
  8. kapp555

    ATK 605 Question

    ATK guys how and where does this plastic piece mount?
  9. kapp555

    ATK 605 Regulator issue

    thought you guys might want to see the part I replaced my regulator with. its the yamaha part I listed in this post and its the same part as atk uses with one small difference, how it connects. I prefer the Yamaha snap rather than the atk use of nuts so thats what Ill use. Plus, like i mentioned this was $32.00 delivered to my door. A simple trip to ace for the clamp and 50 cents later and I will be set. Some photos. New Part Old part
  10. kapp555

    Okay, its time...

    Is that the stock rear seat reworked or something else?
  11. kapp555

    ATK 605 Regulator issue

    JZ and all Ordered the Voltage relay tonight, got it for $34.00 shipped from a Honda dealer in toledo ohio. I simply put the part number into google shopping and went with the lowest price. It was over $44.00 at bike bandit plus shipping. Ill give a report once it is installed and working. My bike is finally running right (other than the relay and the hard seat). I ordered a manual choke from Guzzino for $29.00. Set the valves at .005 and had the slide welded. Now I am ready for emissions. its idling and running very smooth. The clutch will need replaced too. My relay appears to have kicked back on for some reason. Maybe it was the low battery charge or maybe it just seems better after I charged it a few days ago. Either way I am replacing the relay with an aftermarket one. Lesson learned, the longer a bike sits and does nothing the more little problems can go wrong!
  12. kapp555

    ATK 605 Regulator issue

    Of course I have this issue. If there are any small niggles with these atk's mine has to have em:banghead: So I was reading online about em as much as possible to see why so many atk relays have been bad and it turns out that aprilia uses the same part on some of their bikes and have had the same result, failures. So, the ATK unit makes 50 amps, the aprilia people upgraded this part to 150 amps to solve their problem. The part costs quite a bit from atk. The fix for the aprilia people is to use the yamaha part which is much more reliable (100 amps) and even cheaper than aprilia and less than half of atk. The result is better charging and easier starting. The yamaha part # is 4KD-81940-00-00. I will be ordering one online as soon as I pull mine off tomorrow. I am just going to double check the part number at the local yamaha dealer and see their price. I found it for 37$ shipped online.
  13. kapp555

    Okay, its time...

    Interested to see how this comes along for you. Once I get my bike sorted I would like to do this as well. Please take pics and post up the parts that you used.
  14. kapp555

    ATK 605 Question

    Thanks meaty, just doesnt seem right calling another guy meaty:smirk: I guess nothing local will work! Anyone ever get a replacement ignition key for these things made? Mine has a funky ignition key and id hate to lose it!
  15. kapp555

    Full Moon Night Ride Sep 4th Phoenix

    If anyone can haul; my sorry ass from the far west side out to the east side I would go! I can ride some road to meet up with an west enders who can haul one more. **Oh one edit. I would be a new guy riding with yahs. Im not new to motorcycles, just to being active on TT. I can keep up a moderate pace! name is Jerry