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  1. Swave

    First time rider

    I will probably be riding trails.
  2. Swave

    First time rider

    im 16 im 150 pounds im 5-10
  3. Swave

    Supercross after party?

    Well I went to the Atlanta Supercross race and there was a after party at a club and then there was an after party in the pits. To get into the pits my friends just bribed the security guards. To get into the club/bar you need to be 21 or older. Dude, the pit after party is awsome there wasn't like anyone there and my friends got pictures with all the riders.
  4. I've just started getting into dirtbikes, and I was wondering if a YZ 250f would be too much bike for me?
  5. I have just started getting into dirtbikes and now i would like to purchase one, but I don't really know where to find a good bike thats not too old for a good price. So I am asking if some one could lead me in the right direction in getting a bike.