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  1. Raz4rocks

    06' Cracked Engine Case

    Well I had a crash about a month ago on my 06' CRF450 during a race.. came off a 30 foot table top and lost it in the ruts. To make a long story short, I bent in the radiator and header but also noticed a puddle of oil under my bike in the garage. I looked over the engine and found small spider-like cracks all under the sprocket on the engine case. Then today I found more on the other side near the coolant pump cover... I was wondering if anyone has had this problem as well, because on of my friends has cracks in the same spot on his 06'crf450. Honda wants 280$ for each side of the engine plus labor. Anyone have any ideas or easy fixes? I don't think I have 800-1000$ to throw down right about now.
  2. Raz4rocks

    My Crf450

    This is my 2006 CRF450. Im fairly new to the site... just throwing up my pics. I Just put on Pro taper contours, applied clamps, renthal grips and decal works number plates.
  3. Raz4rocks

    2006 Kx250f!

    Hey guys..Im new to the forums. You may have seen me at other forums like trx450r.org or sportrax central. I have an 05' Trx450r quad that Im trying to sell for a 06' KX250F. I dont have the money to keep up a race quad, so Im deciding to switch to bikes not only becuase of money..but I like em' better too! Anyways... how is the new KX250F?? I was looking around at some of the threads regarding height issues with 6'2" riders. Im 6'2" and 230 lbs. (at 15 yrs old!! hah). Just wondering if i'd need to revalve and setup the suspension somewhere for my weight. If so..where are a few good places to get them done, and their prices? On top of suspension..I was looking into exhaust as well. What do you guys find to be the best exhaust. I want to get into racing, but I also like riding the trails and building homemade tracks with my buddies. I heard Akrapovic, White bros. pro carbon and the Pro circuit Ti-4 are good systems. 1 more thing also..are rev boxes worth it? I have heard mixed opinions on this question..but want to know. Sorry for writing a novel of a post, but I hope you guys could help me out. Thanks, -Joel