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  1. a guy wanted to trade my Wr for his YZF that had the Rekluse clutch. I don't really know much about those. Would it be a good thing to have for racing in the woods?
  2. not sure where you found the weight specs but the Yamaha site shows the '04 WR450 at 245 lbs dry weight and the yz450f (depending on the year) comes in at 220 lbs. Losing 20 lbs seems like it would be worth it. I wouldn't add a battery but I did weight the WR450 battery and it came in at 8 lbs. I would love to take a yz450f for a little trial run but that's a hard thing to do unless you know somebody that owns one....and I don't. Bummer for me.
  3. Well that sounds easy, how does the yzf handle in the tight technical stuff? and then does four gears end up being enough for those wide open sections? All these guys talkiing about putting the wr gears in the yzf makes me believe that the yzf needs some taller gearing.
  4. It's been a few years but I want to get back into racing Enduros and hare scrambles. I live in Washington state so most races are in the tight trails. I bought a 2004 wr450 and I love it except for the extra elephant thats hiding in there somewhere...the weight is unbelievable! I was thinking that I would be better off getting the yzf450 and setting it up for trails just to lose the weight. Anybody have any experience racing a YZF450 in the woods vs the WR450? I would expect to add lights, odometer and wt the flywheel a bit, but I need some insight.