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  1. When I first bought my 08/TE-510 (new). And uncrated it, charged the battery, put it together with new fuel etc, etc. My first push of the E start was very short lived only lasting about 1/2 seconds. Then nothing. After about 5 mins. of methodically checking wires, switches etc. I found a multi wire connector with one of the wires tabs was not pushed in all the way behind the Head light. Although the wire connector was together, one of the wires in the connector had not locked in place. Repaired wire end by bending the brass locking tab out a bit. And that was that. I went riding. Total down time was maybe 15 mins
  2. Gusgus

    My 09 WR125 arrived last weekend

    Hey it was only -4c today in Alberta that's almost short sleeve & shorts weather. What are you waiting for. I can't even ride mine for another month... so you better get going on a ride report.
  3. A friend is looking for a used or new Rekluse Auto Pro clutch to fit his 07 wr250 ???? Any Ideas???
  4. Gusgus

    Making a Video

    Just wanna see what everyone else is using for video cameras, editing programs etc. I’m kinda new at this and it’s all sounds intriguing to me. “Photobucket” has a whopping 100mb limit that’s like 30sec @High Dif. Not very useful. Pictures...it's OK. Also new is uploading to “Utube” They have a 1GB. Up loading limit. A lot better but boy they’re pretty strict on music you can use…Daa ! I know if you use a “MP3” from your PC. It has all the song info on it. (Copy Rights) I believe Utube has an auto tracing for this and will not allow it. I working on ways around this… Here's a couple I've done so far HillClimb SnowRide First one is Pretty short...and I know it not a Husky (Sorry) Second is a New Years Eve Day ride. Camera angle is too low but it was my first attempt with my Helmet cam. Oh Ya make sure you watch it in High Quality (Bottom right of screen)
  5. Gusgus

    Trials Seat.....

    Although its an old pic on an old bike here is a seat I whipped up for my 1996 GG.
  6. Gusgus

    Rattle from the rear

    Nope... Suppose to do that. All "floating" disc make some noise. Just gotta get use to it.
  7. Gusgus

    Old Husky pic...

    The " Massasauga Enduro" took place in Welland Ontario Canada. One of the largest one day Enduro events in Canada and was the Canadian National Championship Enduro for a number of years. Here’s my first entry back in 1979 with our local team. Three Yammie, two Suzzie, me on a Can-am and Wally on his Husky. An Oldie for sure. Anyone else do the Massasauga ?
  8. Gusgus

    Massachusetts mud

    The reason your bike didn't sink out off sight, cuz it must be resting on top of an old car....
  9. Gusgus

    Husqvarna Te Dead Starter Motor

    You didn't say what year your bike is. But check the wiring and started relay beside your batterie. when you push the e button do you here a clicking sound.
  10. Gusgus

    What's this which came with the bike?

    Ya know what they say.... A pictures worth a 1000 words Soooo lets see a pic.
  11. Gusgus

    October issue of Dirt Bike

    And now it begins... Up hill from here... Now if we can get the "parts" thing happen'n:applause:
  12. Not hearing from Hall’s Cycle or anyone else on new decals for the IMS tanks:bonk: And with the old gas tank side panel just staring me in the face, begging to be part of my bike again, I thought I’d try something. First I marked the parts of the panels that I had to get rid of. Did a lot of dry fits to make sure. Cut out pieces of panel not needed…test fit some more. I used electrical tape to mark where the side panels touched the tank. Applied lots of “Goop” glue to the panels and fitted them to the tank with clamps and old tie down straps. Let dry over night. Hard to tell I have a New IMS Tank.
  13. Just got off the phone with Jeff from Hall's. Only took 5 months...not to bad I guess. 3 gal. Blk tank is on it way to Canada.......
  14. Gusgus

    First ride on TE450 -09

    Hey SwedeWR250F is it safe to say, you just came off of a "WR250? What year was it? Ya must tell what you think of the 09's for suspension at power out put. Keep us posted ok.:worthy: