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  1. Hey guys thanks for the reply. kmonigle I have PMd you. Looking forward to it. I may go up early and hang out, if there's a decent camping spot to be had. I need to get out of the house!
  2. Hey guys I've got a long weekend, starting Thursday afternoon and I need to get a ride in. I'm game for about anything, preferably ST. I'm a decent rider though don't have a huge amount time in this season. Anyone game for a couple, three days of riding somewhere in this awesome state?

    Colorado ride today?

    Anyone going out today? My buddy canceled on me and I really don't like riding alone but I'm dying to get out on the bike. A few hours at Rampart or maybe 717. I'm a good intermediate rider. any takers? Thanks,http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/images/smilies/ride.gif
  4. Just wondering if anyone has a comment on my fuel screw? Thanks,
  5. Thanks for getting back to me. It looks like the fuel screw is about 1 turn out. Is it normal for the screw to be fairly lose? It took no effort to turn. Seems like it could vibrate to a different position. I cleaned out the carb (blew out the jets etc) and tried the bike again. Bike runs much better but not quite there. Thanks,
  6. Ok, I've figured what I've got for jets and need your recommendations. 60 120 and I think the needle shows 5DL27 Thanks for your help,

    Float issue?

    Ok, I tore it apart again and inspected the floats, needle etc. pulled the screw and removed the seat. The o-ring on the seat doesn't look too bad. The needle itself seems fine. If I blow on the other end of the seat the needle has no problem stopping the flow. I'll probably horse around with it tonight and try and find someone in town with a kit tomorrow. Thanks for your help,
  8. I tore the carb off my wife's 03 TTR 225 and gave it good cleaning. The good news is the bike actually runs now. Bad news, as soon as you turn the fuel on it pours out the overflow tube off the bottom of the carb. What did I do? I tried adjusting the little tang that pushes the valve closed but it didn't seem to help. Unfortunately I don't have the manual for this bike. Could someone tell me how to adjust the float for this bike? Or is it the float? Thanks in advance,
  9. Eddie, just want to say thanks for the help you gave me with my 04 WR about a year ago. I really appreciate you getting me in and putting my bike on the dyno to check the jetting. The bike is running great. I just picked up an 03 TTR 225(RC) for my wife and the guy had just put a Big Gun exhaust on it. (BG2001). We will be riding the track at Watkins and fire roads in the mtns probably not over 10,000 feet in elevation. The only mod I know it has is the exhaust. Current jetting...I am sorry I do not know the jet numbers hoping to tear into that tonight. Probably stock what ever that is. (looks like it was made in Brazil?) The issue is that the bike will hardly run unless the choke is on at least half way. Even warm it won't idle without choke. This is fine as long you keep moving (on the track) not so great for trail riding. Also the bike must be fully warm otherwise when you crack the throttle it falls on its face. Your help again is most appreciated,
  10. WRLIVE

    TT-R 90 mods... A visual guide... PDF file.

    Hey guys the mods on this site are great, my daughter is loving her TTR90 now. I'm having trouble finding the black choke lever on any parts page on line. I don't even see where they show the choke. Is this not available or am I missing something. It's a bit ironic that is finally able to start it by herself then we lose the choke lever. Thanks in advance,
  11. WRLIVE

    I'm coming up

    Ok, well here is what I have. There's a couple good shots in there. http://community.webshots.com/album/551479567SbXFkw
  12. WRLIVE

    I'm coming up

    Just hanging with the family this weekend. We'll have to get that planned for another weekend.
  13. WRLIVE

    I'm coming up

    Thanks Derek. The more I ride the more I want to ride. Unfortunately this tends to be a problem for the rest of my responsibilities. That's life I guess. I can't wait to get a copy of your pictures. What is our method of distribution?
  14. WRLIVE

    I'm coming up

    Thanks Adam. I would love to come out to your home turf and do some riding sometime. That is when your're having an easy day. As it turns out I will be driving through your town sometime Friday (16th) - we're doing a little family camping at Sylvan Lake.
  15. WRLIVE

    I'm coming up

    A big thanks to Trailryder42 and No2tracks for guiding our trips last weekend. I was really nice not to have to worry about getting lost. I wanted good single track and WOW, they certainly delivered. I appreciate everyone's patience with my learning curve. I hope to ride with you guys again.