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  1. Silvertequila

    XR650L Tires

    Heidenau Scouts. Went front and back and just finished San Diego to Cabo San Lucas and back. They worked great on 90% on-road and didn't have any problem in the admittedly pretty tame off-road. They definitely had some stopping power (Baja has some interesting wildlife wandering the roads). The only bitch about them is they have stiff sidewalls so they take a little work to install. With 2700 miles, they are better than 70% still (sorry I didn't measure the tread depth). Don't remember what they cost but 20 bucks doesn't matter over the life span.
  2. Silvertequila

    XR650L Tires

    I'm trying the Heidenau Scouts and so far they have been really great.. http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/heidenau-k60-scout-rear-tire
  3. Silvertequila

    Seems to be too much oil in sight glass?

    Hey the owners manual says to run the bike then let it sit 3? minutes before using sight glass......with the oil equalization stuff it takes a minute to situate correctly.
  4. Silvertequila

    '03 450 valve job, need a little help

    Thanks, great links
  5. Silvertequila

    06 Yz 250f Le First Ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So what setting are you guys using with the air screw? I can't keep the idle up when choke is off.... thx
  6. Silvertequila

    Cops...riding in the woods?

    Say Sir, take the ticket, say thank you, pay it and move on. Not the end of the world and will make you feel better than being a dick.
  7. Silvertequila

    Hard to kick-over

    Harder than when it's cold? Mine doesn't change from cold to hot.
  8. Silvertequila

    06 Stock gearing

    I ride mountains and technical desert (rocky crap) so I went to a 12 front from the 13. Gives me 12/48 combo for a 1 to 4 ratio. I like the ratio because I rarely get much speed and can use the low gear to pop over rocks and trees. HOWEVER, I have heard that the chain (o-ring stock) has trouble going around such a small sprocket. I am not sure if I am experiencing that but I am thinking of going to a 13/53 and seeing what happens. I don't ride tracks so I dont know what to tell you for that. Wheelies are a snap if you have hotties around too.... j