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  1. HOWARD05

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    How about some side shots of that bad motherf@cker...
  2. HOWARD05

    06 DR-Z400SM Dent Removal From Tank?

    I have some replacement tanks, also in NY. Pm me for my phone #. Howard
  3. HOWARD05

    Newer DRZ 400 S front end on 02 DR 650?

    How's the SM workin for ya? I really miss her. Good luck with the forks! Howard
  4. HOWARD05

    Looking for a DRZ 400s in New York State

    I have 06 DRZ400sm, 1400 miles with "S" wheel setup also. I have lots of extra parts too.30 min west of Albany, 2 min off I-88. 518-231-4292 For some reason I may NOT post attachments, to see pics check out my craigslist ad http://albany.craigslist.org/mcy/289602496.html Price neg.
  5. HOWARD05

    User manual abailavility?

    SORRY ! PM me and I will give you link.
  6. HOWARD05

    User manual abailavility?

    mod edit-please do not post links to copywrite material this link is to download DRZ manual. Takes awhile but worth it.
  7. HOWARD05

    Anyone using diesel grade oil in their DRZ?

    +1. Right on! As a bike tech for 13 years, I've seen lots of different oils used, on ALL kinds of bikes, all with similar results. Oil is WAY overrated with todays engines/materials/coatings.....When is the last time I saw an oil related failure?? Longer than I can remember!
  8. HOWARD05

    Petcock question

    EXACTLY. The vacuum petcock is fine in theory. They do fail to the point that they WONT shut off. allowing fuel into carb/engine. The E model is OFF when you turn it off. No guessing. To me that makes it better than vacuum one, especially if bike sits for long peroids of time.
  9. HOWARD05

    Little help needed on fender

    You are a God !!!
  10. I have 89 KDX200 in need of spokes or whole new rear wheel. Any out there?
  11. HOWARD05

    Yammie Throttle Tube a Flop

    Did you modify the Yammie tube? You need to cut it so it looks like drz tube.
  12. HOWARD05

    My new swing arm graphics

    Got my decals today from Mike. They are AWESOME ! ! ! ! Thanks for the super fast service. I couldn't be happier. Great instructions included also. I will post pics when installed, I think I will paint bodywork at same time. CHEERS!
  13. HOWARD05

    My new swing arm graphics

    How much for a pair of each? I can't make up my mind and will at least get a pair of both bottom ones. Looks great, let's make a deal. Howard
  14. HOWARD05

    Problem with BLACK Plastics! Any Ideas??

    Can you post some pics? thanks