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  1. Dez Dude

    KTM Reliability

    KTM reliability is the best, but that is a lot of miles. I would consider a rebuild.
  2. Dez Dude

    06 525 xc jetting

    A couple of months ago I bought an 06 525 XC as well and installed the JD jet kit. I live in Phoenix and ride the surrounding area so I run a 172 main with the red needle and the stock pilot. The bike runs very clean with no stumbles and builds great power as you open the throttle. I was riding a Yamaha before I bought this bike, and after re-springing the KTM for my weight, I love this bike far more than I ever did the Yamaha. I'm old and fat now, but back in the day when I ran SCORE through the 80s, I wish I could of had this bike. What a rush!
  3. Dez Dude

    ranting ktm

    Pretty much the stupidest thing I've heard come from a mechanic's mouth. Following this logic should pretty much ensure a pile of scrap parts in the gear box that will ultimately cost you BIG bucks to fix.
  4. Dez Dude

    450 EXC or XC

    ProMoto Billet has a great Forrest Service approved spark arrestor end cap that fits the XC muffler in place of the stock end cap. I just put one on my 06 525 XC and it only cost $125 as compared to $300 or $400 to replace the entire muffler with one that has a spark arrestor. Its easy to install, you can run the spark arrestor screen or not by removing four bolts and pulling the end off to access the spark arrestor screen. Plus there is no noticeable difference in power. All-in-all a great product machined out of aluminum that is worth the price.
  5. Dez Dude

    525 Xc Sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!!

    I rode the Score Baja races during the 80s. This bike would have been perfect for that; from the dry lake beds, to crossing the rocky Summit between Valley De Trinidad and Tres Posos. When I started riding this thing during weekend my thoughts went to Baja. I may have to go back as an old, fat, tired fart, just to experience this bike there.
  6. I took the first ride on my new XC this weekend where they run the Arizona enduro near Lake Pleasant. Man, what a sweet bike! I have been riding a 2001 YZ 426 set up for the desert and this bike kicks its butt. Both bikes weigh about the same but the KTM feels 20 pounds lighter than the YZ, even with the electric start. I thought I may take the electric start off the KTM to save the weight. But not since riding the bike and never feeling the extra weight. The power is fantastic, not too strong on bottom, and it just keeps building as you open the throttle. The power matched to the six speed tranny makes for great single track , limited sandwash at this point in break-in, and jeep road riding. I love this bike! I'm looking forward to a lot of good riding in the future.
  7. Dez Dude

    New Bike!

    I picked up a new 2006 525 XC this evening. Way excited! Any I should know or check on this bike before I go riding later this week?