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  1. Tolek

    Grip installation

    I use donuts too. I had never though about it until I saw this pic of the grip on alessi's bike.
  2. Tolek

    Holidays in Canada

    Thanks alot everyone for the pics and links, lot of useful info! Do you know where I can find pics from the tracks? Hi spc, I am from Rzeszów, that's pretty far from Poznan. Hope you will enjoy your time here. Where do you live in B.C?
  3. Tolek

    Holidays in Canada

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! British Columbia seems like offroad heaven Is there any good tracks also? Pinball, nice pics, do you have more?
  4. Tolek

    Holidays in Canada

    Hey, I am from Poland and I am thinking about spending my holidays riding in Canada from june to august, it seems like an awesome place. Where would you go? I am looking for a sunny place with a lot of tracks and natural terrain. I would really appreciate it if you could give me any infos. Thanks!
  5. Tolek

    Alloy or Shift gear?

    Super rat Vs Gman threads are more fascinating if you ask me.
  6. Which 2006 pants fit the best and are more comfortable in your opinion: Alloy SX-1 or Shift Mach?
  7. Tolek

    2006 Alloy gear

    That sucks, I thought alloy was one of the best gear companies out there. I really didn't see that coming.
  8. Tolek

    2006 Alloy gear

    Thank you for your input! I have the 05 MX1 pants in size 32 and I don't know if I need 32 or 34 for the 06 SX1 pants. Anyone know if the 06 line fits differently?
  9. What do you think of the new Alloy SX-1 pants? are they comfortable? durable? And do you know if the 06 line fits the same as the 05? Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  10. Tolek

    works pipes, white boots

    WD-40 and steel wool works fine.
  11. Tolek

    Surprise of the SX Year

    I agree and I think he will be a contender for the title next year.
  12. Tolek

    mx des nations torrent here

    Thanks for the link
  13. Tolek

    Someone with shift gear?

    Thanks for all the replies Squirrel 151 after reading your post I consider buying no fear or alloy instead, I tried no fear in the past and it was really comfy and I like my 05 alloy stuff.
  14. Can you guys help me, I am going to order a set of 2006 shift mach gear and overseas shipping is really expensive so I don't want to order the wrong size. I have a set of 2005 alloy gear (mx1 pants and reactor jersey), the pants are a size 32 and the jersey is a size M and it fits good. I heard that shift gear tends to run a bit small so I guess I need a size 34 for the pants but I want to make sure because I don't want something too large. It is the same problem for the jersey, I don't know if I need M or L because I also have a 2004 thor ac jersey which is a size L and it fits as good as the alloy M. By the way, what do you think of the mach gear? is it comfortable? Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  15. Tolek

    My bike

    Nice bike man