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  1. dr 650

    So what mods should do? I'm a supermoto guy and i like Power! I was thinking a pipe with a header (FMF2 and a power bomb) and a jet kit with the air box mod for starters, i don't have a lot of $ but i can squeeze my wallet a bit more, Any suggestions ?
  2. dr 650

    Just wondering if DRZ400sm Wheels would fit My DR 650? anybody tried this? Thanks
  3. Just picked up this Plated 04, still not running right! Found broken pilot jet, now it still stalls at Idle and don't trust it to ride anywhere. :-(
  4. Check Amazon, they had a coil for my 87 xt 350! http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss/189-5826203-9294726?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=yamaha+550+coil
  5. This is why I sold my KTM 525mxc, I figurerd get a more tame bike that shows my maturity, HA, I'm Sick with it, gotta slide into that turn and wheelie out out it, Dam I'll Never grow up, even at 47, Just can't control myself.
  6. Got my first 100 miles on it to day, Not all in one day,since sat,I ride when work permits me to, when I bought it Just puttin the hood during breakin, Looking forward to Jetting, 3x3 mod and a Yosh pipe, Then to go holligan the hood! any body know where I can get a tail light mod, the stock is terible looking. Thanks Any help is much appreciated Eric:ride:
  7. I Got Nuttin:bonk: *** it said early this today down or maitenence and now front page loads and can't get any where else.
  8. Dude, I'm Sorry, But all I have to say is TIVO Dude, I have alot of them recorded and my be able to help you out, PM Me. Eric
  9. Should my slipper clutch be hard to pull in and is there an adjustment fot it, it is a 06 CRF 450 w/ a STM Slipper. Thanks
  10. how come I can't upload photo's, Do you have to be special or somthing?
  11. Smokin!!!!
  12. Its A dickfer, Its in the Specs in the manual
  13. Hey all, My Name is Eric Roberts and I live in Nor-Cal and race the SMUSA Nor-Cal Series with my kids Eric Jr #755 who is 13 and my Daughter Amber #750 14 yrs. Been in here a bunch of times for Great Info, Thought it was about time to Say Hi and thank you.
  14. Life Began at 42 for me, Never raced a day in my life and started last year, I'm not too fast (YET) and I've had a couple of good getoffs, and looking forward to next season with my Son 13 and My Daughter 14, it's awsome...... Eric Roberts SMUSA #913
  15. http://www.tiresunlimited.com/default.htm